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The Maldives – Aluvi Riha (Potato Curry)

Aluvi Riha is one the most delicious dish in the Maldives. Fish is the most important part of this dish and you can only use tuna fish. Curries like Aluvi Riha were eaten with roshi or flatbread in old times. This dish is available in any restaurant in the Maldives.

The Maldives – Traditional Gulha (Dumplings)

Gulha is basically considered as dumplings because they are small in size and biteable. In the Maldives, they are called short eat or evening snack. This dish is named GULHA because this snack is small and the word is also small. Gulha was very famous in ancient times as well as now. This was considered a royal dish.

Turkey – Traditional Cag Kebab (Meatballs)

This is the most famous cuisine of Turkey. Kebabs are so famous in the entire world not only in Turkey but Turkey has a large variety of kebabs. Cag Kebab has a long thin shape because the meat patties are put onto the skewer and then cut with a knife from the edges.

Kuwait – Jireesh (Cracked Wheat Soup)

Jireesh is a specialty of Kuwait. Jireesh is made with wheat or oats with different spices in it. The specialty of this soup is that this has a sweet and salty flavor. This is the best appetizer in Kuwait. You can get this at street vendors or at high-class restaurants you can find it everywhere in Kuwait.

Turkey – Traditional Hamsili Pilaf (Rice Covered in Fish)

Hamsili pilaf is the yummiest dish. This dish has a unique way of cooking because pilaf is a dish that is made pressure cooker but Hamsili pilaf is a dish that is baked in the oven. All the people in Turkey made this dish at eid dinner. Winter is the best season to have this delicious dish, because all the little anchovies are found in this season.

Kuwait – Mumawwash (Rice With Shrimp)

Mumawwash is one of the most delicious and tempting dishes in Kuwait. It is basically a dish that contains flavorful rice with green lentils and tops with dry shrimp. The culture of Kuwait is closest to Bahrain. The seafood of Kuwait has been the backbone of Kuwait for centuries and till now.