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China – Delicious Sweet and Sour Pork

This is the tastiest dish in China. Sweet and sour pork is deep-fried meat. This dish has different sauces and this is served with stir fry vegetables like bell pepper, caramelized onions, pineapple, carrot, and other vegetables.

Kuwait – Traditional Maglooba (Savory Rice Cake)

Maglooba is one of the delicious and famous cakes in Kuwait. This is an upside-down cake. This dish is served on special events like family gatherings, weddings, Christmas and banquets, etc. This dish available in every restaurant in Kuwait and this is also available at street vendors.

Kuwait – Mumawwash (Rice With Shrimp)

Mumawwash is one of the most delicious and tempting dishes in Kuwait. It is basically a dish that contains flavorful rice with green lentils and tops with dry shrimp. The culture of Kuwait is closest to Bahrain. The seafood of Kuwait has been the backbone of Kuwait for centuries and till now.

Kuwait – Asida (Lump of Dough With Butter and Honey)

Asida is a dish that has a lump of dough with honey and some butter. It has a unique way of eating. Traditionally it is eaten with the index and middle finger of the right hand. The word ASIDA comes from the Arabic word asad which means twist. The recipe of this dish (ASIDA) was found in the 10th century. The recipe of it was found in the book which is called KITAB – AL – TABIH (the book of dishes).

The Maldives – Traditional Garudhiya (Fish Soup)

Garudhiya is one of the famous and traditional dishes of Maldives. Garudhiya is a fragrant fish soup with some kind of spices and vegetables in it. This is so famous in winters. This dish is made by adding water, fish, spices, vegetables, and lemon to it. The very important part of the dish is to add lemon to it because the lemon adds a unique flavor to it.

The Maldives – Maalhoskeylu Hiki Riha

Maalhoskeyly Hiki Riha is a plantain dry curry. This curry is very different from other curries because other curries have gravy in them but this is dry and so delicious and the main part of the dish is Green ash plantains. Green ash plantains are very similar to bananas but green ash plantains are bigger than bananas. Plantains mainly come from South East Asia but in small quantities, they also come from America.