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Pakistan – Sulemani Karahi

This dish is the special invention of the people known to be as ‚ÄĚSHINWARI‚ÄĚ. This dish is made up of lamb with 3 4 ingredients and when cooked on slow heat it gives a mouth watering effect.

The meat is used for making the special shinwari cuisine is DUMBA known to be as RAM or TUP. This meat has unique taste and giving the dish full kick of flavors.

Pakistan, India – Spicy Fish Curry

This is the dish, very popular in Pakistan especially in winters. The time of winters here, is very freezing so, people love to consume things that soothes the freezing body. This fish is coated with the paste made up of gram flour with spices and some herbs.

Pakistan – Matar Keema

Keema Matar is a dish which has its origin from the Indian subcontinent and this dish was associated with the Mughals and it is come to that this dish was most popular in the courts of Mughal India.

Pakistan, India – Sheer Khurma (Dessert)

This is a sweet dish/ dessert very famous in Pakistan. This dish is made on special occasions like Eid, shabrat and famous Islamic festivals where we have to celebrate the delight of joy by sweet dishes and sheer khurma is one of them.

Pakistan – RAS MALAI

Meaning of the word ras malai is comes from two words RAS means syrup or sweet flavor and MALAI means cream. Ras Malai is the most delicious of my sweet Pakistan a few miles away.