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Pakistan – Matar Waly Chawal (Peas Pilaf)

In Pakistan, there are two famous rice dishes, one is BIRYANI and the other is PILAF. Many regions have a special version of Pilaf in their cuisine. Pakistan is also famous for its street food. The famous street food of Lahore is TAWA PULAO. Pilaf is considered to be originated from PERSIA. During the 10th century, Ibn SńęnńĀ wrote many books on medical sciences. In one of his books, he explained the advantages and disadvantages of a few dishes and Pilaf was in one of the dishes. Persians called Ibn Sina, the “father” of modern pilaf.

Pakistan – Fried Fish

The Fried Fish has become the traditional dish in Pakistan. And in winter season the demand of fish increase in Pakistan. In winter days no celebration is completed without fish.

Pakistan – Achar Gosht

It is a traditional Pakistani dish make up of pickle and meat. ”ACHAR” is known as pickle in urdu language and ”GOSHT” is used to said meat of any kind like mutton beef or either chicken. So the dish is made up of these two elements is known as ACHAR GOSHT.

Pakistan – Palak Gosht ( Chicken Spinach Curry)

Spinach is called Palak in urdu. And we know it has so much nutrition and health benefits. Likewise Palak Gosht is one of the most eatable traditional recipe in Pakistan. Not only on causal days, people love to cook and eat it on every festival and ceremonies.

Pakistan – Mutton Pulao/Pilaf

This dish is made by meat stock and then several spices, chilies, and vegetables are added. Biryani is supposed to be spicier and has the addition of more spices in it. It is assumed that Pulao is only made by meat but in Pakistan, Pulao has many varieties even in vegetarian. Also in Pakistan, Pulao is served on the hawkers roadside and even in restaurants. The road side pulao is also known as TAWA PULAO. Mutton is cooked around the Bakra Eid ( festivals of Muslim, eid).

Pakistan – Mutton Payee

Paya is a famous dish, originated from the Punjab region of Pakistan. In this dish, Only the main ingredient is payee. Payee are actually known as ”Legs” in Urdu. So simple this dish is known as paaye or payee curry.