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Pakistan – Kheer (Rice Milk Pudding)

Kheer is the traditional dessert famous in subcontinent regions like Pakistan or India and even in Bangladesh, it is usually made by adding rice to the milk and let it simmer on low heat then additional flavors are added like cardamom, saffron or rose to give this nice creamy dessert a kick to flavor.

Pakistan – Stuffed Keema Paratha

Keema paratha – flatbread stuffed with spicy minced meat. Paratha is the National breakfast of Pakistan. This dish is called a traditional Pakistan’s recipe which is famous and well known all over the Pakistan, especially in the province of the Punjab.

Pakistan – Mutton Tikka Boti

This dish is popular among the bar b qued dishes made up of meat like seekh kabab, malai boti, chicken tikka, mutton tikka and many many more. It is so versatile dish so you can make as the side dish.

Pakistan – Masar Chawal

In Urdu, this dish is also known as DAAL chawal. Daal is this legume soup and Chawal means rice. But when a specified pulse like this brown pulse is used, this is called MASAR. This dish is from the INDIAN SUBCONTINENT. This is the same procedure of cooking as Indian and Bengali cuisine.

Pakistan – Chicken Bar B Q Platter

This dish is actually a plate of full meal. It included the special types of Kababs made up of chicken, either mutton or beef. This meal has small tikka pieces, a chicken roasted thigh with amazing sauces and salad. This platter is served in many restaurants in Pakistan.

Pakistan, India – Baingan ka Bharta

The word baingan is usually known as EGGPLANT or BRINGAL in english and bharta is a word usually describe the mixture, mashed form of anything, so baingan ka bharta is the dish of eggplant when cooked with the flavorable spices and served in the mashed form.

Pakistan – Sindhi Khati Daal

This dish is special dish from Sindh, a province of Pakistan. It has its value in the Sindhi cuisine and famous throughout in Pakistan. The flavors of the dish is so mild as according to the sindhi cuisine.