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Pakistan – beef OJARI

OJARI is a word in urdu used to define the outer lining of stomach of eatable animals in Pakistan like goat and cow etc. lining of the stomach (a bovine) used as food in many areas also in Pakistan.

Pakistan – Seekh Kaba Masala

Seekh kabab is the side dry dish like a meatball but when they are put into the gravy the special dish is formed known as seekh kabab masala. The name of the dish is formed by using the names of two dishes. The one dish is Seekh Kabab and the other is Masala that is gravy. This dish was originated from the Indian Subcontinent but it is said that the first Kabab was introduced by the Turkish Traders before the King as their delicacy.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Bihari Kabab

KABAB is a Pakistan’s most loved and eatable dish. Kebabs is made by ground meat of any kind like chicken, beef or mutton, sometimes vegetables, when spiced up by traditional spices like cumin, coriander, garam masala and many more whole spices

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Ginger Chicken

Ginger Chicken is a dish made with lots of fresh ginger to give a trigger to the simple chicken in a very aromatic and tremendous recipe that can be served with any sort of rice like simple brown rice or white boiled rice and also with the egg fried rice or vegetable rice

Pakistan – Spicy Chicken Samosa

This is a type of snack, loved by the people of Pakistan. Specifically, this dish is from the region Punjab of Pakistan. The use of ingredients spices like cumin, herbs, coriander, butter is very common in Punjab. This dish is very popular served as an evening snack or roadside street food.

Pakistan, India – Baingan ka Bharta

The word baingan is usually known as EGGPLANT or BRINGAL in english and bharta is a word usually describe the mixture, mashed form of anything, so baingan ka bharta is the dish of eggplant when cooked with the flavorable spices and served in the mashed form.

Pakistan – Mutton Payee

Paya is a famous dish, originated from the Punjab region of Pakistan. In this dish, Only the main ingredient is payee. Payee are actually known as ”Legs” in Urdu. So simple this dish is known as paaye or payee curry.