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Cameroon – Mpouh Fish Sauce

Mpouh fish is a creamy white flavouredful sauce with the main ingredient being fish and njansang. Mpouh fish originated from the people of lebialem in the south west region of Cameroon. One funny aspect about this dish is that mpouh is plantain flour and it is eaten with plantain hummmmm what a wonderful dish.

Cameroon – White Yam and Egussi Stew

White yam and egussi stew is a delicious meal which is at the same time very nutritious. White yam and egussi sauce is a typical delicacy to the southwest people because they have the raw materials available often. It should be noted that yam and egussi stew is loved nationwide and prepared in every part of the country as well.

Cameroon – Chicken Fried Rice

Fried rice is a delicious dish loved by many and prepared by many in so many different ways. Fried rice is prepared in many different colors including brown fried rice, yellow fried rice, green fried rice and red fried rice.

Cameroon – Kwakwalang

Kwakwalang is a typical bakossi and mbacham delicacy though not a most say main traditional dish. Kwakwalang is a soup made from fresh soft cocoyam leaves mostly red Igbo coco or red macabo coco leaves. Kwakwalang is also known as black soup when a small amount of chobbi powder is added to it.

Cameroon – White Beans and Ripe Plantains

White beans is considered here as a rich man’s meal since it is prepared mostly with meat, fish, canda, crayfish which is somehow costly. White beans is a delicate meal but once the measures are taken and the boiling is successful, the chef will be so happy because it’s such a delicious and nutritive meal.

Cameroon – Accra Banana

Accra banana is a snack made from grated cassava and ripe bananas. Accra banana has a long history as our great grandparents discovered this snack, passed it down to our grandparents then to our parents. In almost all occasions now, Accra banana is always seen on the table and it is very economical as it can serve a large number of people. It has become a source of income to many people and has also become very popular and on high demand.

Cameroon – Naangtarre

Naangtarre is meal gotten from cocoyam and palm oil. Naangtarre as most people call it is a delicacy to the people of the North West region of Cameroon precisely the inhabitants of the metah and mankon clan.

Cameroon – Okok and Yellow Garri

Okok is a mixture of eru leaves and water leaves. This is a staple eaten all over the Cameroon’s national territory. It is referred to as eru in the south west region, North West region and west region while those from the littoral, center region and the east region call it okok.