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Cameroon – Irish Potatoes and Red Beans

Irish potatoes and red beans is a delicious and nutritive dish from the combination of boiled Irish potatoes and fried red beans. This delicious meal originated from the west region of Cameroon especially from the inhabitants of Dschange, Mbuda and Mbacham.

Cameroon – Accra Banana

Accra banana is a snack made from grated cassava and ripe bananas. Accra banana has a long history as our great grandparents discovered this snack, passed it down to our grandparents then to our parents. In almost all occasions now, Accra banana is always seen on the table and it is very economical as it can serve a large number of people. It has become a source of income to many people and has also become very popular and on high demand.

Cameroon – Mulu Kpat

Cameroon is blessed with uncountable traditional dishes which comes from the ten regions each with so many villages. One of these traditional meal is mulu kpat which is a traditional meal from lebialem in the south west region precisely typical of the bamumbu tribe. The main ingredient used in preparing this mouthwatering is a leaf called tarot leaf.

Cameroon – Egussi Pudding

Egussi pudding is a delicious meal which is made from egussi and other ingredients. Egussi pudding is common in the center region of Cameroon. It is mostly prepared by the Bassa and Ewondo tribe people. This particular meal is a tradition meal in some villages in Bamenda the North West region of Cameroon. In general, egussi pudding is a very delicious meal which can be eaten with ripe plantains, bobolo, coco yams and it can be taken for a picnic as well.

Cameroon РSauté Cabbage and Ripe Plantains

Cabbage is very common in Cameroon and due to this fact, it is being prepared in so many different ways and styles. Sauté cabbage is fried cabbage which is prepared in a modern way and is either eaten with ripe plantains or unripe plantains. Santa in the North West region of Cameroon produces the highest quantity of cabbage in Cameroon.

Cameroon – Fiyifiyi Leaves and Boiled Macabo

Fiyifiyi leaves are flat green leafy vegetables that grow mostly in gardens where cabbage, lettuce and sometimes carrots have been planted. This vegetable in common in the North West region of Cameroon especially in santa, bambili, ndop and banso. Fiyifiyi leaves and macabo is thus a delicacy to the people in these areas.

Cameroon – Koki Beans

Koki beans is a deliciuous meal which is gotten from a special specie of beans called black-eyed-peas. This beans is cultivated mostly in some villages in the north west region like in Ndu and Ntui and in the south west region in meme division particularly in Mbonge , ekombe bonji and ekondo titi. Here in Cameroon you will hear names like ‚Äúmami koki‚ÄĚ referring to women who sell koki for a livelihood.