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Cameroon – Accra Banana

Accra banana is a snack made from grated cassava and ripe bananas. Accra banana has a long history as our great grandparents discovered this snack, passed it down to our grandparents then to our parents. In almost all occasions now, Accra banana is always seen on the table and it is very economical as it can serve a large number of people. It has become a source of income to many people and has also become very popular and on high demand.

Cameroon – Egussi Pudding

Egussi pudding is a delicious meal which is made from egussi and other ingredients. Egussi pudding is common in the center region of Cameroon. It is mostly prepared by the Bassa and Ewondo tribe people. This particular meal is a tradition meal in some villages in Bamenda the North West region of Cameroon. In general, egussi pudding is a very delicious meal which can be eaten with ripe plantains, bobolo, coco yams and it can be taken for a picnic as well.

Cameroon – White Yam and Egussi Stew

White yam and egussi stew is a delicious meal which is at the same time very nutritious. White yam and egussi sauce is a typical delicacy to the southwest people because they have the raw materials available often. It should be noted that yam and egussi stew is loved nationwide and prepared in every part of the country as well.

Cameroon – Plain Okra Soup and Garri

Okra soup is a slimming soup which is very delicious and easy to prepare and it’s loved by many people. Here in Cameroon there are restaurants specialized just in cooking okra soup with either garri, water fufu or fufu corn. Okra soup is very delicious and nutritive and it’s good for convalescence and pregnant women.

Cameroon – Black Beans and Dodo

Bean is a common seed crop which is cultivated almost in all regions of Cameroon. Beans are cultivated in both the raining season as well as the dry season in Cameroon thus there is an abundant of beans in the country. Black beans and dodo is a delicious meal loved by many and eaten at anytime as it can be taken as breakfast.

Cameroon – Egg Pudding

Egg pudding as it says is a delicious meal made from eggs and other ingredients. It was not very common in those days but it’s taking the lead in most of the easy going foods that can be eaten at anytime and anywhere.

Cameroon – Kwakwalang

Kwakwalang is a typical bakossi and mbacham delicacy though not a most say main traditional dish. Kwakwalang is a soup made from fresh soft cocoyam leaves mostly red Igbo coco or red macabo coco leaves. Kwakwalang is also known as black soup when a small amount of chobbi powder is added to it.

Cameroon – Chicken Fried Rice

Fried rice is a delicious dish loved by many and prepared by many in so many different ways. Fried rice is prepared in many different colors including brown fried rice, yellow fried rice, green fried rice and red fried rice.