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Cameroon – Sauté Cabbage and Ripe Plantains

Cabbage is very common in Cameroon and due to this fact, it is being prepared in so many different ways and styles. Sauté cabbage is fried cabbage which is prepared in a modern way and is either eaten with ripe plantains or unripe plantains. Santa in the North West region of Cameroon produces the highest quantity of cabbage in Cameroon.

Cameroon – Naangtarre

Naangtarre is meal gotten from cocoyam and palm oil. Naangtarre as most people call it is a delicacy to the people of the North West region of Cameroon precisely the inhabitants of the metah and mankon clan.

Cameroon – Fufu Corn and Vegetable With Mudfish Soup

Fufu corn is a very common staple in Cameroon which is eaten in almost all the ten regions of Cameroon. The choice of the soup or accompaniment now differentiates the clan or the region where it is being prepared. Fufu corn and vegetable with mudfish soup is a very delicious and nutritive meal, it is believed that children from this localities who consume a lot of this meal are very healthy and strong.

Cameroon – Pepper Soup Snails (Nyama or Congo Meat)

Snails are a good source of protein with low amount of fat, a good source of iron, calcium, vitamin A and other vital minerals. Snails which is commonly called “nyama Ngoro, Congo meat or boneless meat here in Cameroon is very common in the south west region of Cameroon. Pepper soup snails can be eaten with well boiled unripe plantains or yams.

Cameroon – Huckleberry and Chicken Gizzard With Fried Plantains

Huckleberry is a meal or accompaniment that can be eaten with so many different varieties of foods. Back in the days it was a taboo for a woman to eat gizzard so when preparing chicken, gizzard will be saved specially to the father or given to elderly males in the house, but gone are those days as such believes have been wiped out and anyone can eat chicken gizzard be it male or female and even kids too.

Cameroon – Sauce Pistage and Garri

Sauce postage is a delicious meal which is gotten from egussi. Egussi is very common in the south west region of Cameroon and also in the far north region of Cameroon. The people in these localities cultivates egussi mainly for commercial purpose as they themselves hardly cook meals with egussi.

Cameroon – Roasted Beef and Cassava/Baton

Food is life and we eat to live as stipulated by some school of thoughts. Roasted beef and cassava or baton is eye catching and mouthwatering, the sight of this meal will make you ask for more. This dish is loved by many and of course because it is delicious it is termed a high profile meal in restaurants and food for the rich when prepared in homes.

Cameroon – Fiyifiyi Leaves and Boiled Macabo

Fiyifiyi leaves are flat green leafy vegetables that grow mostly in gardens where cabbage, lettuce and sometimes carrots have been planted. This vegetable in common in the North West region of Cameroon especially in santa, bambili, ndop and banso. Fiyifiyi leaves and macabo is thus a delicacy to the people in these areas.