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Singapore – Lauk Singgang Fish

Lauk singgang is an appetizing dish that is actually a liquid dish. We can compare it with soup, Like fish soup. The taste of ” Lauk singgang” is sweet and sour. This soup is very beneficial for human health especially in winters because it helps to protect you from cold and increase your immunity to fight against diseases. This “LAUK SINGGANG FISH” is one of the national cuisines of Singapore. There are many cuisine list of Singapore national dishes but this have another level of popularity.

Singapore – Otak Otak

Otak Otak is actually known as the Spicy fish cake, the combination of BANANA LEAVES WITH FISH PASTE. It is a creamy custard of fish, it may look so weird to eat but this is actually one of the best dishes to eat in Singapore. This dish is firstly originated in “PALEMBANG” which is the city of INDONESIA. People serve it for the first time in banana leaves which is fully grilled and smells so good.

Nepal – Thakali Khana

Thakali khana is a set of the most authentic dishes of Nepal. This is the collection of every type of food which the normal person wants to eat. We can say that this is the “BUCKET OF FOOD”. Thakali khana was first introduce in the region of Nepal which is known as “Thak khola”.

Singapore – Satay

Satay is a piece of chicken that is filled with full of spices and serves with peanut sauce which is so unique in taste and the most delicious one to eat with satay. We can all this as an appetizer and this is one of the authentic dishes of Singapore.

Singapore – Tau Huay

Tau Huay or Douhua is the sweet dish of Singapore which is actually like a pudding. It is a combination of different flavors. Pudding is like a cake but not in the hard form. The texture of the pudding is very smooth, silky, and satisfying.

Singapore – Nasi Lemak With Coconut Filled Rice

Nasi lemak is not actually the local dish of Singapore but this dish is modified by Singaporeans. Nasi lemak is a Malaysian dish and they make it in another way. Nasi lemak has two different meanings in which ” nasi ” means rice and ” Lemak ” means coconut creamy milk.

Singapore – Har Cheong Gai

Har cheong gai is one of the most famous dishes of Singapore. This dish is made by the wings of chicken that must be mixed with paste of shrimps. This is a very unique and tasty dish of Singapore because it is up to you which type of spice you want. This dish is also unique because you can enjoy in many different ways.

Uganda – Spicy Matoke

Matoke is actually the green food of Uganda which is cooked with different kinds of stuff and brings the new taste of every dish. It is all bout the choice of spices because only spices make your dish different and tasty. Matoke is actually a kind of banana but is not fully cooked. It must be green in color when we cooked this. Matoke is origin in Kisii lands.