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Levant, Palestine, Middle East – Knafeh Na’ameh

Knafeh is a delicious Cheese pastry dish. It is usually called Palestine dessert but included in many other Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. There is an ancient story of Knafeh, from the Fatimid Egyptian Empire or Umayyad Caliphate. There are also many variants of Knafeth in Greece, Turkey and Palestine.

The United Arab Emirates – Al Kabsa

Kabsa or kabsah is a rice dish in which many elements are included. This dish is from SAUDIA ARABIA and Emirati Cuisine. In GULF ARABIC, it is known as ”Makbus/ Machboos”. Kabasa means Squeeze so from this the word comes up with ”SQUEEZE ALL INGREDIENTS INTO ONE POT”.

United Arab Emirates – Kabsa

This is known as MIXED RICE PLATTER also NATIONAL DISH OF ARABS. This dish is very versatile and popular in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. The word KABASA means to squeeze out. In this dish, this word means to cook all the elements like meat portion and vegetables with rice is squeezed in one pot. There are many varieties of KABASA served in UAE according to the different addition of ingredients.

The United Arab Emirates – Lamb Quzi

Quzi is an Arabic dish made up of rice and lamb but in a unique way. The name of this dish came from the Turkish Language. The word Quzi in Arabic and KUZU in Turkish. Both words have the same meaning in English; Lamb. This dish has many regional variations according to the world’s different cultures.

United Kingdom – Cherry Bakewell Tart

This Amazing dish is coming up from the DERBYSHIRE in England. That region is popular in making confession pastries. Shortcrust pastry is maybe a tart of smaller size, or quiche, or a pie. The popular ones are sweet ones with the use of many fruits, nuts, almonds, and cream over the tart.

United Arab Emirates – Om Ali

This is a dessert that originated from Egypt, but popular in the whole UAE. The word OM ALI is derived from the meaning ”MOTHER OF ALI”. This name is given after the wife of Ruler of ”AYYUBID EMPIRE”. MOTHER OF ALI is traced from the Era of Ayyubid Empire. Khumaimaa is the dish that is similar to the OM ALI. It is originated from Iran and Jordan and is a part of its national cuisine.

The United Arab Emirates – Shawarma

This dish is traditionally from Arabic cuisine and very famous in the Middle East. This is a type of proper meal in which meat and some vegetables is wrapped in a form of bread. Place of origin is Ottaman Empire. This dish is originated from Emirati cuisine which is from the LEVANTINE ARAB STATES.

Iraq, UAE – Masgouf (National dish of Iraq)

The most important and lovable dish of Iraq that is also a national dish of Iraq is this dish. Whole fish is cooked instead of fish pieces. This is the way to represent this dish, masgouf. Iraqi cuisine is called Mesopotamian cuisine. It is originated by different regional cuisines including Persians and Iraq, etc. Masgouf is well recognized by Middle Eastern restaurants and other Middle Eastern countries and, is a very old and traditional dish of Mesopotamian cuisine.

Bahrain – Zalabia / Zalbia

Bahrain has a mixture of cultures from Arabic, Indian, Persian, Balochi, and European. This dish is a dessert or sweet dish and is very unique in taste and shape. The name Zalbia comes from the BEJA, TUNISIA, a city known as ZLABA. Tunisia people claimed that Abdurrahman Ibnou Nafa√Ę Ziriab, an Iranian Musician originated the dish and introduced to them. JALEBI is an Indian or Pakistani name for this same dish.

The United Arab Emirates – Lamb Qoozi With Rice

Quzi is an Emirati dish made with rice and mostly with lamb meat, but there is a unique way to do it. The name of this dish is a word from the Turkish Language and Arabic languages. This dish is very famous in the Arabic world and even outside the UAE. This dish has different variations regarding to the culture and taste of that region.