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United Arab Emirates – Luqaimat ( Emirati Dessert )

Luqaimat is a deep-fried dough that is then dipped into the sugar syrup and served by adding some nuts, sesame seeds over it. It is a local traditional dish of the whole UAE. This word LUQAIMAT is not actually the name of the dish. The actual name of the dish is the Arabic word, Luqmat-al-Qadi.

Palestine, United Arab Emirates – Lamb Kubba

This dish is one of the best dishes of Palestine and Arabic cuisine. This is made up of meat and can be cooked as the vegetarian version of the dish. Palestinian cuisine is a food that is not even eaten by the people of Palestine but also Jordan, Israel, Refugee camps, nearby areas, etc. The cuisines that have a great impact on Palestinian cuisine are Turkish cuisine, Arabs, and Persians. The word Kubba is derived from the Arabic language, KUBBAH is also known as KIBBEH in Levantine Arabic language. The cuisine of Palestine has a great impact on other international cuisines.

United Arab Emirates – Kofta

Kofta is a member of Meat Balls and have name derived from Persian word, KUFTA. This is shaped especially into balls as a KOFTA but different shapes can be made out of the same batter of meat. Kofta can be made up of even vegetables like cabbage, potato, mixed vegetables, calabash, unripe bananas, etc. There is a huge variation of the same element of the dish and included in many countries’ national cuisine.

Iran, Iraq – Khoresh-e-Qeyme

The most important dish is loved by every person who likes Persian and Iranian dishes. This is basically a stew of mutton in which vegetables like tomatoes, onions, peas, lime, and eggplant are added and serving is very important. The Iranian’s Culinary tradition is the combination of many different cuisine because they have great impact of their tradition to them. Stews are very traditional dish cooked on the ancient time. Demons were very familiar with the artof cooking stews and soups and when Persian was inspired by them they used to have it in their daily food.

United Arab Emirates – Kibbeh

This is like a unique concept of Croquettes of Middle East Cuisine. It is considered as national dish of SYRIA and LEBANON. This dish has four main components, that add up together and form a nice dish. This word is derived from Classic Arabic Word KUBBAH, which means ball or dome.

United Arab Emirates – Shirin Polo

This dish is a very sweet and nice dish of rice. It is special Persian sweet rice served at weddings and special festivals, also known as Wedding rice and Royal rice. Shirin Polo is a very unique name, in which SHIRIN means SWEET and POLO means RICE. This dish has many names complementary to their characteristics and ingredients.

The United Arab Emirates – ASIDA

This dish is the old traditional cuisine of the state ” Al Andulas ”. It is actually a dessert rich or honey, butter having a lump of cooked dough. This dish is popular on Muslim / Islamic traditions like Eid, Shabrat, Aqeeqa etc.

Levant, Palestine, Middle East – Knafeh Na’ameh

Knafeh is a delicious Cheese pastry dish. It is usually called Palestine dessert but included in many other Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. There is an ancient story of Knafeh, from the Fatimid Egyptian Empire or Umayyad Caliphate. There are also many variants of Knafeth in Greece, Turkey and Palestine.

The United Arab Emirates – Challah

Challah is a bread that is from the Eastern side of the European Origin. The term ”CHALLAH” is meant to be the kind of Bread and Cake. This bread is also known as ”SHABBAT BREAD”. Because on the Jewish festival Shabbat this bread is made and then serve to the Jewish members after prayer. The most traditional way to cook challah is from the plain wheat flour, eggs, salt, yeast, vegetable oil, sugar, and water to knead. There is much bread made up of similar ingredients but having some varieties and differences in shapes.