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United Arab Emirates – Ful Medames

Ful Medames is also known as FUL, a vegetarian dish of UAE. It is a curry of Fava Beans with vegetables and spices served with hard-boiled eggs. The place of origin of ful medames is EGYPT. The cooking method of making ful medames is mentioned in a ”book of Jerusalem”.

The United Arab Emirates – Al Kabsa

Kabsa or kabsah is a rice dish in which many elements are included. This dish is from SAUDIA ARABIA and Emirati Cuisine. In GULF ARABIC, it is known as ”Makbus/ Machboos”. Kabasa means Squeeze so from this the word comes up with ”SQUEEZE ALL INGREDIENTS INTO ONE POT”.

Syria, United Arab Emirates – Mutabbal/ Baba ghanoush

Mutabal is also known as Baba Ganoush. This is like a dip made up of eggplants. In the Arabic language, the word ”BABA” means ”FATHER”. The other word is ”ġannūj” is the personal full name. Mutabal is another name for this dish in Levantine, Syria, etc. This means ”SPICED”. The culinary tradition of Israeli cuisine is from the GREATER SYRIA. In a Syrian meal, this is served with coffee. This is served also with the CONFECTIONERY SWEET, desserts, etc.

United Arab Emirates – Kibbeh

This is like a unique concept of Croquettes of Middle East Cuisine. It is considered as national dish of SYRIA and LEBANON. This dish has four main components, that add up together and form a nice dish. This word is derived from Classic Arabic Word KUBBAH, which means ball or dome.

United Arab Emirates – Om Ali

This is a dessert that originated from Egypt, but popular in the whole UAE. The word OM ALI is derived from the meaning ”MOTHER OF ALI”. This name is given after the wife of Ruler of ”AYYUBID EMPIRE”. MOTHER OF ALI is traced from the Era of Ayyubid Empire. Khumaimaa is the dish that is similar to the OM ALI. It is originated from Iran and Jordan and is a part of its national cuisine.

United Kingdom – Cherry Bakewell Tart

This Amazing dish is coming up from the DERBYSHIRE in England. That region is popular in making confession pastries. Shortcrust pastry is maybe a tart of smaller size, or quiche, or a pie. The popular ones are sweet ones with the use of many fruits, nuts, almonds, and cream over the tart.

The United Arab Emirates – Lamb Qoozi With Rice

Quzi is an Emirati dish made with rice and mostly with lamb meat, but there is a unique way to do it. The name of this dish is a word from the Turkish Language and Arabic languages. This dish is very famous in the Arabic world and even outside the UAE. This dish has different variations regarding to the culture and taste of that region.

United Arab Emirates – Al Harees

This dish is actually a mixture of many things together in a blended form and seasoned with some spices. Al harees can be known by many other names according the different region where they evolved with different flavours like JAREESH, HARISA, HAREES, BOKO BOKO and PORRIDGE PASTE. The Arabic word ”Harees” mean MASHED or PASTE

Palestine, United Arab Emirates – Lamb Kubba

This dish is one of the best dishes of Palestine and Arabic cuisine. This is made up of meat and can be cooked as the vegetarian version of the dish. Palestinian cuisine is a food that is not even eaten by the people of Palestine but also Jordan, Israel, Refugee camps, nearby areas, etc. The cuisines that have a great impact on Palestinian cuisine are Turkish cuisine, Arabs, and Persians. The word Kubba is derived from the Arabic language, KUBBAH is also known as KIBBEH in Levantine Arabic language. The cuisine of Palestine has a great impact on other international cuisines.

United Arab Emirates – Kousa Mahshi

Kousa Mahshi is a dish of the whole Middle East and many other countries. This dish is a rice stuffed zucchini or squash. As a cultural component, it is served as the main dish or snacks at meetings, parties, Ramzan, meetings, before meals, sometimes after meals, etc. Stuffed zucchini (or squash), zucchini (KOUSA in Arabic) is the side dish of the national cuisine of Arabs. This dish has several alternative names.