I cannot login to my mailbox. How to recover?

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If you cannot login, there are some possibilities as below:

  1. The login password is incorrect
  2. The backup email has not been verified
  3. The email account is locked

To check account status and recover your login password, please take the steps below:

  1. Open Password Recovery – Finmail
  2. Fill in your Finmail email address that needs password recovery, then click “Submit”
  3. If the backup email address has been verified, an email with a temporary password will be sent to your backup email address.
  4. Login to your Finmail Mailbox through https://www.finmail.com/mail/ using your Finmail email address and the new temporary password
  5. If the login is successful, you can change the temporary password to a new one. Please refer to How to change login password for more details.

In the above step 3, if there is a failure, an error message with more details will be displayed, for example “Failed. Backup email is not verified”, or “Failed. User account is locked. Lock reason: Confusing personal name”. If the backup email is not verified, you can verify then login again. If the account is locked, you may contact us at [email protected] to help resolve the issue.

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