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This section displays a list of all messages in the currently selected folder. The number of messages shown and the total number of messages in the folder are indicated below the list. Depending on your settings, only a limited number of messages will be displayed at a time. Use the navigation buttons below the list to browse through multiple pages.

The application automatically checks for new messages and updates the display if new emails arrive. You can manually trigger this check by clicking the Refresh button in the email view toolbar.

Open a Message for Reading

If the Preview Pane is visible, a single click on a message will display it in the preview below the list. To open a message in full view or a new window (depending on your settings), double-click it with the mouse. You can also right-click on the subject and choose “Open Link in New Tab/Window” from the browser’s context menu to open a message in a new browser tab or window.

Selecting a message in the list will activate toolbar buttons that allow you to perform actions related to the selected message, such as replying, forwarding, or deleting it.

Mark Messages as Read or Flagged

When opening an unread message for reading, it will automatically be marked as read. You can also mark a message as read directly in the list by clicking the unread star icon in front of the subject. Clicking it again will mark the message as unread.

If the flag column is visible, you can flag/unflag a message by clicking on the flag column of the message row. Additionally, the Mark menu in the toolbar allows you to flag all selected messages with one click.

Change Messages List Sorting

You can change the sorting order of the messages by clicking on the column in the list header you want to sort by. Clicking it again will reverse the order. The column used for sorting will be highlighted in the list header.

Threaded Message Listing

Instead of sorting messages by date or subject, you can group conversations that span multiple messages together as “Threads”. Use the switch buttons in the message list header or footer to toggle between List or Threads view. In thread mode, groups of messages can be collapsed or expanded using the arrow icons in the leftmost column of the message list.

Selecting Multiple Messages

Clicking on a row in the messages list will select and highlight the corresponding message. You can select multiple messages or unselect them by pressing the Shift or Ctrl keys on your keyboard while clicking on messages.

There are also selection helpers hidden in the Select drop-down menu located in the message footer. The menu allows you to select all unread or flagged messages at once, invert the current selection, or reset the selection.

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