How crypto boomed in times of corona virus

Most people accept crypto currency during this Covid19 epidemic. do you want to know why? Because you could make money and at same stay save from the virus, just ordering from delivery companies with amazon inclusive, thus making the Man more money.

Bitcoin (BTC)

If you deal with bitcoin, to stay in the game, you have to be very vigilant. The value of bitcoin fluctuates often. You have to know when to trade if you are trading in bitcoin, or to know when to buy or sell. If you don’t stay vigilant when trading with bitcoin, you may lose everything.

The Risk of Losing Your Coins

People working hard and dying still living their family behind to suffer because of NO digital access to a wallet where their money is all stored. This is a fact. This may not be quickly realis now, but with the Bitcoin is striving, one day it will be the main coin used for transactions.

How crypto boomed in times of corona virus (series 2)

For Blochian technology, detailing and storing of information for a perfect sure security has increased too. Hardly could anyone believe that fully.

Blockchain Technology – A Personal Thought

Some say, blockchain chain technology is transparent. How is this true when the number of black-market transactions keep increasing and being successful with nothing done to stop it.

Government Planning with relation to blockchain and real estate

Town planning is an essential government task that the government tries as much as possible to maintain. The government makes it possible for all this secured in the blockchain.

Making money with BTC and some of its myths.

Putting all mentioned into consideration, I feel the whole idea about BTC was to benefit a particular class of people. When you look at the rate of 1BTC now, you will see that, or understand that, if you do not invest with huge sums of money, then you will be relegated at the back and benefit just from pennies. Why not cling to the old currency.

Just still about Bitcoin… Don’t be ignorant…

Many people lack patience. They envy the lifestyle of those who took risk way back before being where they are now. The cars, houses and many other luxury investments those people have. You coming in now into the block world, you will be expecting immediate results. But I will say “sorry”, that’s not the case. You need to be patient too.

How Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have influenced the Internet…

With the introduction of Bitcoin, that has really increased the traffic with the internet. Many have benefited from Bitcoin others have lost to and the number isn’t small. But the funny thing about all this that, this rich scheme model, most world richest are still skeptic about it.

Flaws of Blockchain

When we look at present currency and how it is being manage, the introduction of bitcoin and other currencies will just alter that chain of the normal currency and it is going to be more difficult to price goods or allocated goods with prices.