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Welcome to the Finmail Payment Tutorial!

Finmail Payment is a special feature of Finmail Mailbox. It allows you to send/receive digital currencies to/from other users, either by email address or by digital currency address. After activating the payment feature, you can either:

  1. Send payments in digital currency together with your email to your recipients through payment options in the Compose page, or
  2. Send payments in digital currency directly to your recipients in a standalone way through the Payment page.

Both methods support using recipient’s email address as receiving address. In the Compose page, email address is the only option for recipients and, it needs to be in the To or CC list. In the Payment page, either email address or digital currency address is available for recipients.

To improve performance also to reduce transaction cost, a payment is classified into 1 of 2 classes below:

  1. Internal Payment: Both a sender and a receiver are in the same host. For example, if [email protected] sends payments to [email protected], since both sender and receiver are in the same host “finmail.com”, the payment is internal.
  2. External Payment: A sender and a receiver are in different hosts, that means, there is no inter-connection between them by third party. For example, if [email protected] sends payments to his/her external digital currency address such as 1A2B3C, since the payment needs to be transferred through a digital currency protocol such as Bitcoin Network, the payment is external.

Note that whether it is internal or external is not determined by recipient’s address format, email or digital currency address, but by the transfer protocol. It is possible that another email host also supports the Finmail Payment feature, so [email protected] can send payment to [email protected] using email address, but since both “finmail.com” and “anotherhost.com” are independent, the payment needs to go through digital currency network , so the payment is still external.

On the other hand, each Finmail Payment user has both email address and digital currency address for deposit and payment receiving. If [email protected] sends payment to the digital currency address of [email protected], for example 1A2B3C, since both users are in the same host “finmail.com”, the payment is still internal.

To Internal payment, there is usually no transaction fee. To external payment, the transaction fee is usually the estimated digital currency network fee to complete a transaction within 12-24 hours.

In addition, Internal payment is usually completed immediately, while External payment needs to wait for digital currency network confirmations, usually 12-24 hours.

If you have your own domain/host and would like to run Finmail Payment on your own server, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected]

Please note that since the service is relevant to digital currency, some basic knowledge is required before using it, including  digital currency and blockchain technology.

Presently only Bitcoin (BTC) is supported for payment.

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