The World Today With Bitcoin

by Verdzekov Bernard

Bitcoin, one of the most valued coins on the planet. Back in the day, bitcoin wasn’t so valued as today. That was because its valued wasn’t yet made known. A story was said about someone who used bitcoin to purchase pizza. I don’t know if this story is true, but I believe such ignorant mistakes like this was made. Those people who made those mistakes, if everything is put together, they will be very wealthy individuals today. 

Today, one bitcoin is equivalent to, 5,304,940.71 in France CFA. This is so much money today. Bitcoin has its online wallet that permits those with accounts to own one of yours. Though the risk is so high, managing a bitcoin account, it is also very profitable. 

I had a friend whose account was cleared because of one stupid mistake, thou he was ignorant, he still made a mistake, though he fixed it, it can’t recover the money he lost. The thing was this; this friend of mind asked a friend to help him create his bitcoin account. This was because he was new and didn’t know how to go about it.  He wanted to own an account and a wallet where he could save his bitcoin. When his account was created, it was being monitored by the other guy who still had his password and login details. When this friend of mind was excelling, he was signed out from his account. The code was changed and he couldn’t access his account any longer. So be ware to keep your password and personal details to yourself. 

Bitcoin is also very good. How have I seen bitcoin to be good? Bitcoin manages heavy transactions of money. So much money could be transferred in bitcoin. And too, this money may not even be traced. This could end just between the person who did the transfer and the person that received. This is more than a black market. Lol. If compared to dollars and even France CFA, the money could be so much that you attract attention to yourself. 

The convert has only help scammers more. They don’t get worry anymore on how to split their cash. The black market to will be excelling as most sails will be done within the blockchain technology.

The fact that this is not traceable it is a bad thing. Because once you make a mistake in transferring so much money to another or bitcoin, someone you don’t know, someone you have no idea about, then consider it a loss.

If in the blockchain, if coins can be traced, that will be a wonderful innovation. Many people have used this to some negative advantage. So many scammers do transactions and validate payment or accept payment with bitcoin. Because the know once it is sent that’s all. Some people also move which large amount in coins that they don’t keep in banks, but in their bitcoin wallets. This makes them clean and not checked before the eyes of the government or banks.

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