The block-chain and today’s Society

by Verdzekov Bernard

Blockchain Technology Explained and What It Could Mean for the Caribbean -  Caribbean Development Trends

The introduction of blockchain technology has really influence society in a very great way. The factual information could be stored and kept secured is a very cool initiative. The world’s population Is growing rapidly and there is more innovation and creation. Many people creating new things which they will love to keep save from theft and copyright. 

The blockchain makes it possible that information is saved and can’t be changed or just edited randomly. There is usually a process that has to be followed and needs security imputes. When the information is updated, the block is updated too. The process of doing that isn’t easy. That makes your information very secured when stored in the blockchain. 

Some people say the blockchain can reduce fraud. But on what level? The government could still be in control of all this. That is for me. Particularly In a state suffering from dictatorship. If this system is difficult to hack, cheat or edit, and if it is viewed by everyone, then I think that is the only way you could know how state budget is being used… But in general, country that has been swallowed by corruption, it will be very difficult for the blockchain to cooperate with such countries.  why say so? That is because even the government officials that could be cut out and more competent people put into same position, it could still be compromise and u can’t do anything or may not even know. 

A safety measure for this could be digital or computer automatic recording. What do I mean? Take for instant, the roads and their tollgates… The tollgates are set to receive tax for those that use that road for either travelling or what so ever reason. This is like a contribution made transport companies and even person cars for the development of roads in the country, that is reconstruction of new roads and repair of old roads. All this is done without waiting for state budget. In my country, the money is giving to the government worker who is at the tollgate, he then gives you a recite that is check at any control post ahead just to make sure you contributed to the tax. This is all about the save measures. When we look at this, you could be tempted to ask yourself if this money which you give all the time even reaches the state coffers. With this, I will say for me, I am not sure because we still have bad roads. So many bad roads, some which cause fatal accidents and even dalliance. Where has the money gone too? Embezzled. 

Blockchain has a very import role to play here. If this record could be imputed by a computer which directly goes to a blockchain and that could be viewed by the authorities at any time without it being compromise, that will be great. The blockchain could save the records for about a year and even more, and when it is being checked and calculated to marsh the budget in collected during that time, if it does mashup, then questions could be asked. This system is used in so many other countries already and I think is save. If the government is genuine, and the right sanctions applied, the economy could grow rapidly, thanks to blockchain technologyfor securing information that can’t be easily manipulated. 

If assets are made digital, that will serve the purpose of a full security system. Most developed countries have adopted It already and are living well, managing state budget appropriately.

If a Blockchain is a chain of blocks which contain information, the data which is stored inside a block depends on the type of blockchain. For Example, A Bitcoin Block contains information about the Sender, Receiver, number of bitcoins to be transferred. For the government using the blockchain to limit fraud, once set up, the data they could collect, for let me say road tollgates, they could collect the identity of the person, his car number, and they TAX he paid. 

This still goes same for elections and votes. The identity of the person that voted, maybe finger print etc. All this could be stored in the block ledger, for security purpose particularly against fraud or cheating, embezzlement. All this is thanks to blockchain. 

With all this, what I can say is that, so far as the government still controls where the money is saved and spent, we could still go on with bad road, poor management of funds, but blockchain has played its roles which if it is followed, it will bring progress to the economy. So, the problem is the people and not BLOCKCHAIN.

The collection of data in today’s society has been seen as the only means in which the government can analyze and help the vulnerable. Though not only the vulnerable, but generally. This data collection is saved and used by the government in so many ways. There are how ever so many people, both adults and children suffering from lack of food, housing, education, healthcare and many more. This could be seen mostly in war zones and even in developed countries still. How do the government reach out to this people? through data collection. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) does same thing and many more before they can be able to reach out to the needy. If this information is well imputed and saved in the blockchain, and is accessed by the government or any humanitarian organization who will love to help the vulnerable, they could access, get the data help those they are helping and close it. But the data won’t be changed or manipulated when information has been taken from it. This could go a long way to help the government and other humanitarian organizations to sport easily and help and too, they will be sure of the data they are dealing with.

The only problem that could be faced here is during the imputation of the data. If the data is collected wrongly, then they are to do nearly everything wrongly. The problem are HUMANs. Will they do the job well? The blockchain could always be transparent, the money or grant or service that have to be rendered to those that are in need could always get to them if only the data imputed are correct and too this data which is imputed have to be revise when need be. This will still be needing a competent person to do that. 

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