Real-life experience in the blockchain world

By Verdzekov Bernard. [email protected]m

I thought I could keep this to myself, but wants to read on a real-life experience and also it is good for people around the world who will read this, to be aware of the things go on around the world.

Base on real life fact, and personal experience, I got scammed trying to trade with bitcoin. This happen between ending 2018 and 2019. When I heard about trading, I was however excited to join those who were already there. I did several research on trading and worst of all I saw guys on Instagram saying others could join them and that they could manage your account. This got me more excited and I wanted to join the trade world. This was FX choice. I contacted one of these guys on IG, it was actually a male. In less than no time or minute he replied me. We talked for some time and got to know each other. He told me the steps on how I could join him, which I did. On FX choice, when you want to join trading you can create an account for yourself. When you are verified, you can make a deposit. This deposit could be $100, $200 or even $1000. But this guy on IG which after knowing each other we shared contacts and began talking on WhatsApp. He told me the minimum I could start my trading session is $500. I didn’t disagree though I asked some questions. This guy told me he has helped some body make %400k in a month. I was like, wow. This only got me more excited.

With trading, you can lose everything, as well as you can gain more. That part of losing everything was what I didn’t want, that was why I wanted to join the strange guy from IG whom I thought was more experienced than I am, and also racing money for this was how ever difficult. This guy said, I had to invest via bitcoin. I didn’t know much about the bit-world back then, but this only got more interesting. So, I got the money and I invested on the site he said it was the company site. As time went further, I made some losses as well as some gains. This was only to make trading real for me. So, the gains I had, I reinvested, and the guy encouraged me to add up the money in my account by converting it to bitcoin so that I can make more money. This, I did. I had never done any withdrawal because I wanted to race the money more to exceed what I invested. Little did I know that was a scammer. On one faithful evening, I was expecting signals from this guy to feel in and trade, he didn’t text. I thought it was normal but this happened the following day and the other days. I didn’t trade for like 3 days. I texted him on WhatsApp and it was just a tick. It got me thinking he may just be busy or that he has some issues with his phone or is doing something which could even benefit me too in the trading activity. In this 3days I didn’t trade, I checked my account and still had my bitcoin there. On the fourth day when I tried to check the site, the account wasn’t t opening. Talk less of the site. I thought I didn’t have data. But checking my balance for my data, I had enough data that could open that site. I was calm until the sixth day. I got back on WhatsApp and texted this guy and no one responded still. I got heated. I stayed like that until the 10th day and even the 15th day. That was when I concluded I have been scammed. I had invested up to $1500 because I saw myself succeeding and too because I wanted to make more money. I was aware of the risk of losing, but I wasn’t aware of scammers who will steal the money. This got me angry for like a month. I didn’t want to do anything in relation to trading any more. I research on this trading thing again and found out that, I how ever made a tremendous mistake. This made me to learn.

But for those who don’t understand digital transaction they shouldn’t venture; except they have money to waist or risk to learn.

I still got hit, but this time in a different way but still using bitcoin. I did some purchases using bitcoin. I converted France CFA to bitcoin to do some purchases. But still I still got hit by some guy I thing is in Nigeria. After transferring 150 thousand francs in bitcoin, to purchase some stuffs, this guy vanished off the grid. I couldn’t trace the bitcoin I sent to him neither could I trace him.

So, when we look at bitcoin, and how some people use it for their personal desires, some f which includes theft, it really makes me wonder why I should be doing anything that has to relate to bitcoin, transfer and receiving bitcoin as a means of payment or purchase.

Many individuals in my country have been duped. Not because they are foolish, but because a system which is new to them has been introduce and the knowledge about it limited. So those who know and understand it get to pray on others.

But nevertheless, discovering finmail, I think I can settle and work some real money. I believe the site is legit, and not made up of fraudsters.

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