Blockchain without minerals

by Verdzekov Bernard

How will it look like if everyone seats in their homes and observe a chat on their laptops or phones to see when to trade, buy or sell bitcoins?

The outbreak of corona virus has really made a lot of people ideal and restless. When you wake up in the morning, and rush to your computer and only leave from there when you see the chat being stable. (trade chat). Some other people are payed to seat and trade and make decisions for trading companies. How boring can this be. Seating in front of a screen for a very long time knowing fully what you venturing in is very volatile and may fall or rise at any time. It may be beneficial and at one point a great nightmare. 

The call it, fast money in my country and if you want to be part of it, be ready to seat home most often. Observe your chat, when coins rise, you sell, when they drop you buy, how easy is that. But be ready to bare the risk it comes along with that. You lose everything in one day as well as gain huge in one second or minute.

The question I pose above was, what if everyone seats home and not wanting to go out to work for anyone just to seat home and trade, how will it look like? The people that leave their homes every day to go mine the gold and diamonds, those that leave their homes or sleep on duty to make sure the oil rigs are functioning well, what if they all seat at home to do what others do to make money from what they do? Though tech is fast growing, and machines replacing humans, we still all have to acknowledge the work put in by them. It is because of this people and due to their studies, that we are able to trade oil, gold, diamond etc. Our purchases, maybe on the dark web or blockchain for this product are saved all in blocks. 

So, the day this individual will stop the work they are doing, some of which is under brutality, the day they will stop and carry their skills home, the block market will remain stagnant. They will be no trades to make. People will have to leave their homes and go out to work to buy food. 

Not only looking at the negative side of the influence blockchain has to gold and diamond and many other minerals which are being emitted from the earth to keep the block world running, this however have positive impacts as well. Despite the fact that you don’t have a means of making it in the block world you are still giving the chance to extract it at such booting employment rate and also fulfilling the books of not everyone is entitled to doing same thing. There are people that extract the gold and diamond, if they were giving but just the chance for trading the diamond and gold, they may not do well and vice. 

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