What if Satoshi Nakamoto leaves on?

by Verdzekov Bernard

This is a fundamental question which less people asked themselves. Yes, this is a fundamental question. If he leaves on and is observing all that is happening like the Ethereum owner, this means this guy are capable of shutting down the whole system if things are not getting right for them. 

This whole thing of people writing codes and publishing them as currencies which when some people see how gainful it is, they just start using it absurd. Come to think of it, the guy who has the Ethereum has the whole system in his hands, even if he has dispersed some of the source code to his friends or coworkers, he still wholes down the main source or rather the key and could turn to swish it off at any giving moment. This can be looked at for example, in case of hacker or bugs, to repair the system from any further damage, they may shut down or pause the system. 

They could off the system and get sued but for as long as they have done what they want, they will be ok. Satoshi creates something and it is widely used all over. Why won’t I want to create mind. The search for money and the desire to leave a comfortable life will always be in the mind of people which will give them the push to always “work” and “create”. It’s a fact. Before 2030, they maybe a wide range of different types of coins some of which may even surpass BTC. Many haven’t understood BTC, but there are more coins or recognized currencies coming into place. What will be of the world when it comes to trade, business and economics?

On another point of view, you don’t invest in money. It is hard for you to see someone who may be so mad or angry because he or she has invested in money. Where you may be annoyed is travelling to another country that doesn’t value your currency or whose value for your currency is low. That is when it really hurt. You experience currency drop or high in situations like devaluation or inflation. But this rise or decrease is what everyone will experience. If it an increase, everyone benefits if it is a decrease everyone losses. This is money and is however better that everyone is affected.

But for BTC, you will have to invest in it, if you want to experience benefit. This is to say that; you will have to convert your cash into bitcoins. In my country, you will just have to send money to a trusted person to send you Bitcoins to your wallet. And that is how you own the digital coin called bitcoin. This bitcoin you could use it for any digital transaction that approves digital currencies like BTC. This goes same if you want to use BTC for trading. That is buy and selling. If the Value for BTC increases you sell, if the value drops you buy. Imagine investing in BTC and its value drops. In this case you experience the pain alone. you who knows the purpose for your venturing into the Bit world. No one may even know your pain. Even psychology has proven a problem which everyone faces is better than trouble experienced by one person. Some people may experience this, but not all because, not everyone has accepted the coin.

All this is because everyone uses money. EVERYONE. The world still has so many people using money. Even those who claim they are full time BTC users, they still use money. This is because they are many places that don’t accept or recognize BTC yet. This still add some of the problems many face here. You can easily see a transaction with money than with BTC.

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