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Cameroon – Dry Meat With Red Pepper and Yellow Pepper

Dry meat with red pepper and yellow pepper is a local cuisine that deals in giving much appetite to people that consume it as it is highly associated with the drinking of alcohol. The taste of this food Dry meat with red pepper and yellow pepper is that of hot steak meat due to the burning inside of the red pepper and yellow pepper. This food is mostly consumed in the region of Yaounde, Cameroon in the hot area of Bastos.

Cameroon – Plain Okra Soup and Garri

Okra soup is a slimming soup which is very delicious and easy to prepare and it’s loved by many people. Here in Cameroon there are restaurants specialized just in cooking okra soup with either garri, water fufu or fufu corn. Okra soup is very delicious and nutritive and it’s good for convalescence and pregnant women.