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Algeria – Shakshouka

So here we come again with the Shakshouka cuisine from Algeria. It‚Äôs a word that means ‚Äúto shake‚ÄĚ or to ‚Äúmix up‚ÄĚ in Arabic, that‚Äôs why you will agree with it once you allow the buds to taste it.

Algeria – Chorba Frik

Algeria is a country located in northern Africa, is bordered by the Western Sahara to the west, Mauritania to the south as well as Tunisia to the northeast. Algeria is dominated by Muslims, who has a longer religious fasting period called Ramadan. This is where our cuisine spot. Almost in every table at the time of breaking the fast, Chorba frik must be on the table too.

Morocco – Msemen

Msemen is an Moroccan cuisine often taken as breakfast and sometimes for supper. It may be eaten along with meat or vegetable recipes or can be taken on it’s own.

Algeria – Lham Lahlou (Sweet Lamb cooked with Sous-Vide)

by Y Shomwi Algeria is a country bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco and Western Sahara and it’s found in the northern Africa. The cuisine Lham Lahlou (meaning sweet meat, Lham-meat and Lahlou-sweet) is a combination of lamb meat stewed in a sweet syrup with fruit and spices. Lham Lahlou is prepared normally in Ramadan […]

Morocco – Chicken Tagine

Tagine cuisines in Morocco refers to the undisturbed recipe, meaning a recipe is cooked until ready undisturbed. It is mostly used while preparing vegetable Tagine. These cuisines are normally prepared on Fridays where all the family, friends or relative are home and it’s normally a day for week off.

Rwanda – Pearice

Long time back, Tutsi soldiers (tribe in Rwanda) were given pearice dish on their long journeys, because they were traveling to very far places. Traditionally this cuisine will be prepared without any spices or meat mix, but nowadays people like to mix it with meat or potatoes, for improving taste.

Mozambique – Ncima

Ncima is a home made cuisine from Mozambique, rarely found in big restaurants or hotels. It is a cornmeal with meat soup on top, that is made almost in every home in the late mornings.

Morocco – Harira

Morocco is the only African country with coastal exposure to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea. Harira cuisine is a herb-rich, tomato-based soup mostly prepared during the Ramadan fasting period and it is consumed as the first meal after sunset.