Entries by Y Shomwi

Morocco – Harira

Morocco is the only African country with coastal exposure to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea. Harira cuisine is a herb-rich, tomato-based soup mostly prepared during the Ramadan fasting period and it is consumed as the first meal after sunset.

Algeria – Shakshouka

So here we come again with the Shakshouka cuisine from Algeria. It’s a word that means “to shake” or to “mix up” in Arabic, that’s why you will agree with it once you allow the buds to taste it.

Algeria – Mahjouba

Algerian is a country located in northern Africa, is bordered by the Western Sahara to the west, Mauritania to the south as well as Tunisia to the northeast. Mahjouba is a tomato in bread taste the can be found at home or in the restaurants, it is cooked all over the country as a morning snack.

Morocco – Lamb with Prunes

Morocco is blessed to have coastal exposure to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea. amb meat is highly cooked in the country as low as at home to the restaurants. It has a variety of cooks and mixes like with this cuisine.

Algeria – Rechta

Retcha consists of thin and flat noodles (traditional pasta dish) and sauce made with chickpeas as well as chicken. Traditionally, the dish prepares in wedding events, at the end of Ramadan fasting and Ashura.

Mozambique – Bolo Polana

Bolo Polana is a mashed potato and powdered cashews cake. It’s term has originates after the Polana suburb in Maputo. Besides the name, this Mozambique cuisine is a loved entity when comes to cakes, due to it’s sweet cashew smell and smooth texture.

Mozambique – Baked Sweet Potatoes

In Mozambique, sweet potatoes are highly eaten. There are varieties of cooking styles for this cereals, yet the most taste ones is by baking them either in open flame of by soaking with smoke.