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Pakistan, India – Traditional Mutton Kaleji Masala

Pakistan is the only country in West Asia that produced a lot of desi dishes and enjoyed these dishes by everyone. Traditional Kaleji Masala is one of them that produced by Pakistan. On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha (an eid to sacrifices), Eid we Muslims do sacrifice their animals and shared some meat with the poor and their relatives. There are also different claims about the origin of Kaleji Masala.

Pakistan – Traditional Boneless Mutton Karahi

The traditional Mutton or lamb boneless meat is the most popular and common dish in Pakistan. This dish is also named Karahi Gosht where Gosht means meat (although it can be chicken, lamb, or cow). The people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the founder of this delightful dish and also some food historians said that this dish comes from KPK. It is also believed that Mutton Karahi is originated from the Indian Subcontinent at the ruling of the great Mughalai Family in the early 17th century. Now it becomes famous all across the world.

Pakistan, India – Traditional Restaurant Style Chicken Meatballs Biryani

The word Biryani comes from the Persian word Birian which means pre-cooking. There are many verities in Biryani. Sindhi biryani is a special type of biryani, it can be made with either chicken or meat it up to you. Beef or Mutton Biryani is another special type of Biryani in which uses cow meats. The chain of Biryani had been started from India and then popular all across Asia and the world with the passage of time.

Pakistan, India – Traditional Rara Mutton Gravy

Rara Mutton is one of the special dishes of Pakistan and it is originated from the Indian Subcontinent which comes from Lucknow, a city of India. In Pakistan, Rara Mutton is the most favorite dish of people especially in Punjab. Rara Mutton includes the pieces of mutton meat and the mixed minced mutton which made a most delicious dish called “Rara Mutton”. The Northern part of India is called Utter Pardesh which is the capital of Lucknow, which is famous for non-vegetarian cuisines. Rara mutton is also for those who never loved vegetarian dishes and eat only meat-based dish. From the first made, it is the most famous and most loved dish in Asian cuisines, especially in Pakistan and India.

Pakistan – Sweet Ras-malai

Ras-malai could be a prevalent Indian dessert begun from Bengal locale. Ras implies juice and malai means cream. Distinctive sorts of Ras-malai can be found in several regions.

Pakistan, India – Spicy Tandoori Mutton Chops

Tandoori Mutton Chops is a special dish for everyone. in Pakistan, it is a special dish for the people of Pakistan on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. When we see the historical point of view of this dish it seems that this dish is first, introduced by the Mughlai families. Mughlai families are one of the great families of Indo-Persian culture.

Pakistan, India – Chicken Qorma In Restaurant-Style

Restaurant-style Chicken Qorma is a special and common dish in Pakistan. It is available at many restaurants or Dhabas‚Äô. The name of this dish is chicken qorma, the word Qorma means actually a gravy or curry that is chicken gravy or chicken curry but the uniqueness of this name is very delectable that is ‚ÄúQorma ‚ÄĚ.