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Italy – Sweet Dessert Tiramisu

Special Tiramisu is the type of sweet dessert, which is famous all across the world. The word Tiramisu means soft spongy-like cake. The name Tiramisu comes from Italy which means ‚Äėpick me up’. It is originated from the place of Veneto, Italy by a chef named Robert Linguanotto, the owner of the restaurant ‚ÄúLe Beccherie‚ÄĚ.

North America, Mexico – Special Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas is one of the finest Mexican dishes in Mexico. In simple words, the word Enchilada means ‚Äúdipped in chili‚ÄĚ. An American magazine of cuisine detailed that enchiladas are made by a chef of Mexico and prepared as a snack for tourists or for local people.

The United States, America – Hot & Spicy Hash Browns

Spicy Hash Browns are one of the brilliant dishes for breakfast with remarkable taste. There are 2 main components of this dish, the one is Potatoes and the other is Cheese. In some European countries, Hash Browns are one of the traditional breakfasts moreover also in some countries this dish is used as a dinner. Throughout the United States these spicy hash browns available at different supermarkets. The place of origin of Hash Brown is the United States. This dish firstly made near North America or Mexico in 1890.

North America, Spain – Special Stuffed Capsicum

Stuffed Capsicum is a special type of vegetarian dish which is based on mice of beef, but you can also try mutton mince or chicken mince. This sweet delightful dessert (Stuffed Capsicum) is originated from Spanish Cuisines but some food historians say it is a part of Mexican Cuisine which is located in North America. In India from Indian Subcontinents‚Äô this dish is called ‚ÄúBharva Shimla Mirch‚ÄĚ

USA, Germany – Potato Salad

Potato Salad is a special type of dish made from potatoes which are boiled and a combination of other ingredients. Many office workers in Germany and other European countries take Potatoes salad for their lunch in the lunch box. It is originated from Germany but this dish also known as American-style Potato Salad. It has many verities and variants.

Spain, United Kingdom, France – Delicious Creme Caramel Pudding

Cream Caramel is another type of delightfully sweet dessert. The word caramel means sugar syrup which is in dark brown and sometimes brown color after heated it well. The cuisine is a part of the European Region and includes the United Kingdom and Spain’s cuisine. There are many types of verities of cream caramel pudding or custard.

The United States of America – Tasty Ranch Sauce Salad

Ranch Sauce Salad is a special type of Salad that is popular all over the world. It is just an alternative to a famous and most common salad ‚ÄúRussian Salad‚ÄĚ. It looks like Russian Salad but it‚Äôs not. The word Salad means the combination of some vegetables. It has many types and verities. This Salad was firstly invented by Steve Henson in the early 1950s.

The United Kingdom, England – Special Dessert Fruit Custard Tart

This dish (Fruit Custard Tart) is actually originated from British Cuisine and it is part of the European region. It is the special type of dessert of Great Britain. Throughout the United Kingdom, they are sold in most bakeries, supermarkets, etc. There is much kind of alternative names of this dish.