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Taiwan (China) – Gua Bao

Gua Bao is the kind of fast food but we can easily make at home. It is a “STEAMED SANDWICH” which covers your craving whenever you want. Its filling is just like the burger, if you are a food lover or fast food lover then you must try this I hope you can not regret eating this. This is the most special dish of “TAIWAN”.

Singapore – Mee Pok

Mee Pok is very unique and tasty noodles that are very saucy and creamy. Mee Pok noodles are wide and flatter as compared to simple noodles. Mee Pok is the CHINESE NOODLES but famous in Singapore especially, also in Malaysia, Indonesia, and many more. Mee KIA is the small version of Mee Pok. Sauce plays a very important role in noodles and, soup is the side dish of noodles. These noodles are served in Chaoshan, the region in the east of China near Guangdong. There are different kinds of noodles in Singapore

Taiwan (China) – Lu Ro Fan

This dish basically named Braised pork rice but in their language, they called ” Lu Ro Fan “. This dish is mostly liked by the people who love to eat spicy foods because this is full of spices like soy sauce, chilies, and so many other ingredients. This is the best dish to eat in Taiwan, seriously this is a mouth-watering dish.

China – Lamian

Lamian is called HAND PULLED NOODLES of CHINA. These noodles are made when there are no machines that make noodles automatically so that the people of china make these by hand by using their minds. Lamian word is divided into two parts “LA” and “MIAN”. There are many variations of the dish.

China (Hong Kong) – Tea Egg

Tea Egg is also called MARBLE EGG. This is a very unique savory dish of China and serves at different times of the day. There are some cultural features regarding tea eggs, such as street vendors and night markets, etc.

China, Hong Kong – Hunan Chicken

Hunan chicken is a very famous Chinese Cuisine. This chicken is very tasty and full of cream. Hunan sauce is compulsory with Hunan chicken. This sauce is very spicy and also dry in texture. The dish is not only famous in China but also in SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, HONG KONG, etc. Hunan cuisine is originated in 1th of Century, Then it is modified by the people of China.

Singapore, Indonesia – Ayam Penyet

Ayam penyet is a fried chicken that is famous all around the world but especially in Singapore. The word Penyet means “SQUEEZED” so this dish is commonly called “SQUEEZED CHICKEN”. It is a Javanese term. The place of origin of Ayam penyet is Indonesia.

Hong Kong (China) – Har Gow

Dim sum meal is the special meal of Hong Kong, and it has many dishes in it so har gow is one of them. Har Gow is named as in the Chinese language, its actual name is shrimp dumpling. You can enjoy it at the breakfast, in the evening or in dinner as well.

Indonesia – Ketupat

Ketupat is a very unique dish and looked so different due to its packing and serving. It is a dish of rice that is packed in palm leaves and made like a pouch. This dish is originated in INDONESIA. Some of the people thought that this dish is originated in BRUNEI, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, and THAILAND. There are also many variations around the world.