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China – Peking Duck

The second name of Peking duck is the “ROAST DUCK”. This is one of the most favorite and popular dishes that is made by a duck. The very first time this Peking duck dish is originated in TANG DYNASTY. The actual ROAST DUCK was introduced in 1368. Now the Peking duck is known as the National symbol of CHINA.

Hong Kong (China) – Beef Brisket

This smoked beef brisket just melts in your mouth so you have to make it soft and spicy. It is like the bar be Que dish but you have to make it in the oven. This is very expensive to eat, so you should try the best one. This dish is famous all around the world.

China – Lamian

Lamian is called HAND PULLED NOODLES of CHINA. These noodles are made when there are no machines that make noodles automatically so that the people of china make these by hand by using their minds. Lamian word is divided into two parts “LA” and “MIAN”. There are many variations of the dish.

China (Hong Kong) – Tea Egg

Tea Egg is also called MARBLE EGG. This is a very unique savory dish of China and serves at different times of the day. There are some cultural features regarding tea eggs, such as street vendors and night markets, etc.

China – Shengjian Mantou

Shengjian mantou is a filled bun that is fried and very small in appearance, it is fried in the pan so it can be light-colored fried and looks so good like a candy. The very first-time Shengjian mantou is made in China in the 19th century. People of Shanghai enjoy this dish in the morning of the 1900s.

Nepal – Yomari Steam Dumpling

It is a dumpling that is made in steam. It is the most famous dish of Nepal, so if you visit Nepal then you just go to the restaurant and first order the yomari. This dish specially made on festivals and special occasions, every occasion is incomplete without this dish.

Hong Kong (China) – Egg Tarts

Egg tart is a kind of sweet dish which is like a pudding or the custard which is made with the egg and served like a pastry. Egg tats are the special sign of “LOVE” and a “GOOD NEWS”. It is a very special dish of Hong Kong which is famous all around the world also.