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Is blockchain technology making better world?

Blockchain technology can support banks, insurance, medical and pharmaceutical industries, many other sectors. Centralized majority of “trusted third parties” are banks, notaries, signs, and so on. Can be replaced by a distributed network system in the blockchain.

Libra: Facebook’s currency (part 2)

Money laundering provisions mean a lot to you. Just as any financial arbitrator accepts a new user, Facebook will have to get different authentication information through the online form of any user who wants to access the Calibra wallet user.

The history of blockchain and cryptocurrency

The US cryptographer whose name was David Chaum found an obscure cryptocurrency or electronic money called ecash. This happened in 1983. In 1995, David introduced him to Digicash. Digicash is the earliest form of electronic cryptographic payment that requires the user to have software to take notes from the bank.