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United Arab Emirates – Manakish

Manakish is a kind of flatbread that contains many nutritional facts. It is also known as Manoush and Manakish in other countries. This dish is originated from Levant and other neighboring countries of Levant. It is also found in centers of Levantine emigration.

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabian – Shish Tawook Sandwich/Wrap

Shish Twook sandwich/wrap is a nonvegetarian dish witch contains stuffed chicken slices in it. Shish tawook was the cuisine of the famous Ottoman Empire after that it became a part of the Middle East. This cuisine is mostly eaten in countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. It lies in the 5 top most popular dishes in UAE. Its similar dish is derived whose name is shawarma.

Pakistan, India – Palak Gosht (Spinach)

Palak Gosht is the most common and favorite cuisine of people of Pakistan, India, and other Asian countries. Palak is a seasonal dish, it is mostly eaten in the winter season. In the past when spinach was first originated from Persia (Iran) it was called as aspanakh over there.

United Arab Emirates – Fattoush

Fattoush is one of the local and popular cuisines of United Arab Emirates and it is served in different restaurants of United Arab Emirates. This dish is a kind of salad which is enrich with different flavors. It is originated from Northern Lebanon.

United Arab Emirates – Mahalabiya

Mahalabiya is a sweet dish which is commonly liked by many people all over the West Asian countries such as United Arab Emirates and Turkey. Many people likes to eat this sweet dish in the month of Ramadan after aftar. This sweet dish was first introduced by a Persian cook in the seventh century.

Turkey – Baklava

Baklava is a famous sweet dish which is specially made in Turkey. It is liked by many people in Turkey and it counts as the 4th most famous dish in Turkey. Baklava is a sweet dish in many eastern countries and has become the most famous desert of these countries.

Pakistan – Chicken Shashlik

This is a local Asian cuisine which is eaten by many people all over the world. This dish is also served in many restaurants and It is popular among all over the world because of it’s good taste and healthy diet.