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Pakistan – Fried Fish

Fish is a delicious as well as a healthy dish. It is mainly eaten in winter season just because in cold weather, fish gives us warm and cozy environment. Fried fish is originated from England, and people over are eating this dish from many years.

Turkey – Corba (Red Lentil Soup)

In Jewish tradition, the roundness of the lentil represents a complete cycle of life so this red lentil soup has been served at times of mourning over there. Lentil soup is also mentioned in the Holy Book of Christians which is the Bible so it has a unique significance in life.

Pakistan – Cake Rusk

There are many bakeries which sell cake rusks in Pakistan such as Butt sweets and many others. This is an easy dish and everyone can make this dish at home. When there are unexpected guests and you have nothing in your home to give them, then cake rusks are the best option to give them.