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Nigeria – Efo Riro

Efo Riro is a Yoruba tribe term meaning “stirring green leaves”, ego stands for “to stir” and Riro stands for “green leaves”. In Yoruba land you may even get snails and shrimps included. I promise once you taste this dish, you won’t forgive yourself to cook it daily.

Nigeria – Pepper Soup

Nigeria southern coast is on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. Pepper soup is the name of our today cuisine. It is a soup with varieties of ingredients but consist of peppers at large.

Nigeria – Garri

In Nigeria, Garri will sound every on the cereals market. It is a very potential, loved and valued flour, due to the products it gives. It originates from Yoruba people of Ijebu origin in the country.

Angola – Catatos

Insects are another world of benefits when considered by their nutritional content. Catatos is another cuisine from Angola that will leave you amazed, it’s all about caterpillars.

Nigeria – Ofe Owerri

Ofe Owerri is another cuisine with an interesting background. Ofe means soup while Owerri is a capital of Imo state in the country, this correspondingly form a meaning of Owerri soup.

Angola – Fish Calulu

Fish Calulu is a recipe from Angola, noted as the national dish, that comprises of dried fish and vegetables at large. Some people add a fried fish too, to make it more interesting to anyone who prefer fried fish from dried ones.

Nigeria – Obe Eja Tutu

Obe What Tutu is a fresh fish stew and taken as a healthy one prepared over slowly cooking procedures but gives out a sound taste. Obukun fish is the most used fish to prepare the cuisine, especially in the central parts of the country.

Nigeria – Banga Soup

The Banga Soup cuisine originates primarily in the south and mid-western parts of Nigeria. Many settlers from the area consumes it at large. It is tasty, smooth and lovely.

Angola – Cocada Amarela

Saying Cocada Amarela, doesn’t spot just a cuisine but a coconut-egg yolks cuisine from Angola. Coconut as a dessert fruit, it serves many from thirst proving unique cool self made juice. Apart from juice it has a whitish hard paste that can be chewed like a bite, yet it can do more wonders that being just a bite-like.