Entries by Joella Eve

Cameroon – Roasted Fish With Mado’o

Roasted fish with mado’o is so much loved at the coastal part of Cameroon especially at Edea. In most spots, you can easily find places of roasted fish with mado’o when going out at night. Roasted fish fish with mado’o is prepared in the Coastal areas of Cameroon in snackbars, Inns and gathering.

Cameroon – Chicken Carrots

Chicken carrots is a meal that is very simple to cook. The taste of this delicious meal is that of burnt plum. Chicken carrots is a meal prepared in the locality of Zoetele in the centre region of Cameroon.

Cameroon – Hot Taper Taper With Pork

Hot taper taper comes about from the hot environment of the city of Douala. In the Nord regions in Cameroon it is typically known for its hot environment, that’s why it is called hot taper taper with cork.

Cameroon – How to cook Epudi leaves

Epudi is the name of a flower which means brightness in the Bakassi land. Saying this, means that Epudi leaves symbolizes an entire culture that brings brightness to the people of Bakassi. Bakassi is a village situated around the coastal areas which is a region very rich in mineral resources.

Cameroon – Nsanka Corn Soup With Sugar

Corn soup with sugar is a local cuisine that is made up of fresh corn, ngweng leaves, also known as cassava leaves and sugar. Nsanka corn soup with sugar is a local cuisine prepared by the people of the centre region, precisely the Ewondos in Cameroon.

Cameroon – Ista Meat Pie With Beignet Farine

Ista meat pie with beignet farine is a meal eaten during an occasion, mostly a short party between organized among close relatives. Ista meat pie is the name given because it has to do with so many combinations of various types of meat. This dish is a meal that is being eaten during ceremonies in the Metropolitan city of Yaounde, Cameroon.

Nkinsinjam, Northwest Cameroon – Corn Fufu With Tomatoes

The type of meal, I am about to teach here is mostly known as traditional meal. Traditional meal highly appreciated by the local people due to the fact that it is believed to natural and contains natural ingredients. In Kninsinjam, corn fufu with tomatoes is believed to be uniting the ancestral world and the world of the living.

Cameroon – Kokono Soup With Plantains

Kokono soup with plantains has a special entity in that it talks about the history of the Kokono people which is a village. The cooking of this meal is like a form of initiation the new born adults in the culture of the Kokono. Kokono soup with plantains tradition comes from the Akonolinga inhabitants in Cameroon.

Cameroon – Djombo Vegetables Sauce

Djombo vegetables sauce is a local cuisine that has taken the name of a locality being called Djombo. The name Djombo is as result of the djombo vegetable plant that is found in Djombo. Djombo sauce comes from a locality found in the Nkambe region, in the sub division of Ngokentujia in Cameroon.