Entries by Muhammad Ibrahim

Pakistan – Khichdi

Khichdi one of the popular dish of Pakistan origanted from indian sub-continent. It is a healthy dish and it is consider the only one solid dish which babies can eat easily.

Pakistan – Seekh Kabab

Pakistan one the food loving countries. The people of Pakistan deeply in love with the meaty dishes. Seekh Kabab is also a popular dish of Pakistani local cuisine. It is a grilled meat on stick which has tube like structure. It is usually very spicy and juicy in taste and serve with naan and raita.

Pakistan – Karhi

Karhi of dahi (yogurt) was one of the famous dishes of subcontinent. It is the part of local cuisine of subcontinent (India and Pakistan). It was mainly eaten with khichri. But people also liked to eat it with boiled rice or chappati also.

Pakistan – Achar Gosht

Achar gosht another delicious dish originates from subcontinent. Indians mostly don’t like to use vinegar in vegetables or in food. Instead of it they use pickles which are sour, spicy in taste and good in smell. The achar gave birth to the achar gosht.

Pakistan – Qulfi

As summer is here so we present a cool recipe of Qulfi. It is a form of ice-cream which is very famous in sub-continent. In Pakistan, Qulfi is also serve in wedding ceremonies as a sweet dish. Do you know the original meaning of the word QUALFI?

Pakistan – Hunter Beef

Tender hunter beef is one of the popular dishes of Pakistan. Enter the hunter beef exit all other treats. After Eid-ul fitar now every Muslim is ready to celebrate the upcoming Eid festival.

Pakistan – Shami Kebab

Shami kebab one of the most famous dishes in Pakistan it is may be served with roti along with ketchup, hot sauce, chili garlic sauce, or raita and when it comes to starters, Chicken Shami Kebab is one of the best snacks to be served.

Pakistan – Dry Beef

Dry beef has a vast history. It was invented in 1800s. It is not a traditional dish of Pakistan but it is very famous among the people of Pakistan especially among pathans.