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Filipino – Tapsilog

Tapsilog is a breakfast dish for most of the Filipinos. It is basically a¬†meat dish¬†mostly beef is used which is¬†marinated¬†beforehand with¬†vinegar¬†,¬†soya sauce¬†and¬†garlic. The first Tapsilog is said to be made by¬†Vivian Del Rosario¬†in¬†1986¬†. She was a local resident who had a love for making food. Tapsilog is named after the three main components which the dish is about. First is the word¬†Tapa¬†which means ‚Äúcured meat‚ÄĚ, second is the word¬†sinangag¬†which means ‚ÄĚ fried rice‚ÄĚ and lastly there is the word¬†itlog¬†which means ‚ÄĚegg‚ÄĚ. There are many different variations of this dish. This dish has a high place in the culinary history of the Philippines cuisines and many restaurants serve this breakfast and claim its flavor to be the original flavor.

Filipino – Chicken Embutido

Embutido is a Filipino dish which is basically a meat loaf made usually with ground pork and beef but in many cases chicken is used to make it hence calling it Chicken Embutido. It is a dish famous for a festive season like Christmas and has a lot of demand in the streets of Philippines. The origin of Embutido dates back to the start of the 15th century. At those times the Spanish people who came to the Philippines brought their own traits with them and merged them with the ways of the Filipinos. Like many dishes before it Embutido was changed drastically towards the time as the people of the Philippines wanted to add their own flavors in it. Embutido is similar to another dish of the Philippines cuisine, Morcon. They both look identical but there are different from each other.

Filipino – Chicken Inasal

Chicken Inasal is an Philippine BBQ dish which is known to be the heart of the local cuisines. It was first made in a city called Bacolod which is located in the south of Philippines. Inasal is a Visayan term which means Grilled Meat. It was given this name because the chicken is grilled in the end in this dish. My recommendation to everyone is to try this dish and experience the true flavors of the Philippines cuisine.

Filipino – SInigang Na Baka

SInigang Na Baka is a classic Philippines stew/ soup dish and, is considered to be the national dish of Philippines. There are many stalls in the street of Philippines which sell this soup. SInigang is made in many different cities in Philippines but it is said it is a cultural phenomena of the Tagalog people. SInigang if translated into English means “stew” which is exactly what the dish itself is.

Filipino – Beef Kaldereta

Kaldereta is a special Philippines beef stew made with tomato sauce and liver paste. In Philippines it is like an everyday dish. When Spain took over the Philippines in the 1500s most of its people settled with the Filipinos, thereafter the people of Philippines learned this dish from the Spaniards and added their own twist in it. Kaldereta is an Spanish word which means cauldron. My recommendation is that, it is an incredible dish to eat and make I am telling the truth.

Filipino – Lugaw

Lugaw or Lugao is a glutinous rice or a porridge type of dish which only requires 5-6 ingredients to make. Lugaw is a dish which can be eaten as a dessert and a savory dish as well. The main purpose of this dish was to give the people something that was easy to eat and something that could help them nutrition wise. As I have discussed in my many articles that many of the cuisines of the Philippines have a Chinese background. This dish is also one of them.

Filipino – Sans Rival (Dessert Cake)

Sans Rival is an cake type dessert. It is not a normal cake as normally cakes are soft but due to meringues this cake gets a crunchy texture which adds another dimension of flavor and complexion to the dish. Sans Rival is an French word which means “without rival”. The first Sans Rival was made in the years between 1920 and 1930. Its background may be French but it was first made in the Philippines.

Filipino – Bibingka

Bibingka is a type of rice cake from Philippines. It is traditionally enjoyed after the mass on Christmas day. In the 16th century the king of the Palawan sent gifts to the Spaniards. Among these gifts were kakanins baked on banana leaves. Long after this the first known recipe came into existence of the Bibingka in the year 1904.

Filipino – Lumpiang Ubod (Filipino Spring Roll)

There are many starter dishes which are a part of the Filipino cuisine. Lumpiang Ubod is one of the best to be ever served in the Philippines. It is like a spring roll which is famous all around the world but here in the Philippines it is made differently. It has the natural Philippines taste in it and all its culture as well. Lumpiang Ubod gets its name from Ubod (heart of the palm) which is edible pith extracted from the coconuts. The origin of this dish is in the city of Silay on the Negros island in Visayas. There is a dish which is quite similar to the Lumpiang Ubod and sometimes it gets mixed up with it. This dish is called Lumpiang Silay. The major difference which we can easily pick is that in Lumpiang Silay there is no side sauce. Lumpia is considered to be inherited from the Chinese spring roll. They both are similar in size and shape.

Filipino – Ube Cake

One of the most popular desserts in all of Philippines is the ube cake. It is sponge cake which is made ube halaya ( mashed purple yam). Ube is only found in the Philippines and is exported to other countries afterwards. It is most commonly made during a celebration or at Christmas time. There are multiple stories that claims its origins.