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Korean – Gopchang

In Korean cuisine, Gui is known to be Grilled items of food. Gopchang is a dish of Korean Cuisine, belongs to the GUI category in which grilled items are listed. It is server with hot-pot, barbecue or sundae(sausage), etc.

Korea – Hangover Stew

Haejang Guk is another name for the Hangover stew. It is called the SOUP TO CHASE HANGOVER. It is also named sulguk. The term seongjutang is assumed to be the origin of Hangover stew. It is said that ”soup to get sober” in nogeoldae, a book of old Chinese published in Goryeo Era. Seongjutang is the first time Hae Jang guk dish was written in this book. There are also many variations of this stew.

Korea – Tteok Guk ( Korean Rice Cake Soup )

This is the traditional Korean dish of the New Year’s celebration. This is a sliced rice cake dish with soups and stew in it. Tteok means Rice cakes and Guk is used to classify soups and stew dishes. This dish is considered a GOOD LUCK DISH. In the book, DONGGUKSESIGI, that explains the Korean traditions, their food, customs, and many more, the tradition of eating tteokguk at Korean’s New year is written. It is a book from the 19th Century. In another book, The Customs of Joseon, white tteok is used in making the dinner for the new year.

Korean – Hotteok / Korean Sweet Pancakes

Hotteok is a very popular Korean pancake with stuffing inside the cakes. Stuffing can be chocolate, peanuts, cinnamon, nuts, coconut, brown sugar, honey. There is a difference between normal and Korean pancakes. Hotteok is shallowly sauteed in butter to make it crispy from the outside. So this makes a difference in Korean Hotteok / pancakes. This snack dish is first time introduce in 1927. It was the time of the Chinese when settled in Korea.

Korea – Dolsot Bibimbap

It is a rice dish in which different ingredients are added and served with eggs. It is also known by names like MIXED RICE. This dish is the type of Korean cuisine category: BAP. Cooked rice in any form is named BAP in Korea. The origin of this dish, Bibimbap is unknown. But this is a very old traditional dish. Both bap and Bachan are Korean categories of national cuisine. There are some areas in which leftover rice is mixed with leftover curries and vegetables to make bibimbap. Dolsot is the cookware used in Korean Kitchen to cook bibimbap and other bap dishes.

North Korea – Gujeolpan (Platter of Nine Delicacies)

This dish is not actually one dish, it is a platter of nine different traditional dishes of Korea. They have many different colorful dishes from vegetarian to non-vegetarian dishes. The word ”GUJEOLPAN” means 9 section plate or you can say plate. This is a very old delicacy of Korean cuisine which is old as about the 14th century associated which the Korean Dynastic kingdom.

Korean – Jeon

Jeon is a kind of fritters used as a snack and in brunch. It is very common go-to food of Korean Cuisine. It is served as appetizer, anju or banchan. Banchan is named for the side dishes served with the main Korean meal. Anju is a Korean term used to call that snacks, served with alcohol. And Buchimgae is the Korean Pancake, used to cooked mainly with vegetables and smoked eggs.

North/South Korea – Tangpyeong-chae

Tangpyeong-chae is also known as Mung beans salad or Jelly mung beans. This is a very tasty salad served as BANCHAN, in Korean cuisine. This dish is also a part of the Korean Royal Court Cuisine. The history of this dish is written in the book, Dongguksesigi. This book was written in 1849, and explaining the Tangpyeong policy that means policy for “harmony” and “meditation”.

Korea – Bulgogi

Bulgogi is Korean style grilled and roasted meat dish which is also known as FIRE MEAT. BULGOGI is a Korean word, where BUL means, Fire, and GOGI means, Meat. Gui is a Korean cooking style which is usually said in a sense of Grilled food. So this dish, Bulgogi is a Gui. During the era of GOGURYEO, this dish is called MAEKJEOK. Over the time this dish is said to be as NEOBIANI.

Korea – Beef Bulgogi

Bulgogi is a Korean grilled beef dish. It is marinated beef that is cooked by grilling and barbecue. The smoky flavored beef is very delicious and tasty. Bulgogi is a dish that originated from the Guguryo Era. Dongguksesi is a Korean history book in which the name BULGOGI was recorded. This dish is from the GUI part of Korean cuisine