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Pakistan, India- Bhindi Gosht

Bhindi gosht is the most common and most local cuisine of Pakistan and other Asian counties. Bhindi gosht contains 3 main components, which are Lady finger, Beef and chapatis. When we talk about the traditional dishes of Pakistan, Bhindi comes first in our mind.

Pakistan – Malai Cake

Today I’ve made unique cake which is very tasty and smells deliciously. I’ve given you below a recipe of Malai cake. This cake is made up of malayi and malayi si a syrup which is made up of milk and cream.

Bangladesh- Kachchi Biryani

This dish is very special and liked by many people in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In this dish, the main components are mutton and rice. This dish was created between the rule of Aurangzeb. In past people make this dish by marinating chicken or meat in yogurt and cook it with rice. There are many beliefs that this dish is a kind of Hyderabadi biryani.

Pakistan, India, Bangladeshi – Chili Bites

Chili bites is the local cuisine of Pakistan, India and many countries of the world. This is a delicious as well as healthy dish because it contains chicken and cheddar cheese in it. Many people all over the world likes to eat delicious food and today I’ve come up with this beautiful delicious dish.

Pakistan, India and Bangladesh – Brownies

Brownies is basically a type of cake which is used in birthday parties and many other place. Many people like to eat this cake because it has a good taste. Many people make it with the help of oven and many people make it without using oven.

India, Pakistan, Bangladeshi – Mutton Pulao

Mutton Pulao is a local cuisine in India, Pakistan and other asian countries like Bangladesh. This dish has a great delicious taste and healthy as well. Many people like this dish because of Mutton. Those people who like Mutton would easily like this dish because this is made up of Mutton.

Pakistan, India – Fruit Custard

Custard is a sweet dish commonly eaten on occasional functions. This is the favorite dish of children. Custards are originated from the United Kingdom and France. It is basically British food which is liked by many people over there and also in Pakistan.