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Egypt – Shawerma

Shawerma is a cone-shaped chapati or naan which is filled with some spices and meat and vegetables. It is actually related to LEVANTINE CUISINE, which is a very famous cuisine of Egypt. Egypt uses a special technique of roasting meat on different horizontal spits, which give a very unique taste and appearance to shawarma. OTTOMAN EMPIRES made this dish for the first time in the 19th century.

Egypt – Bamia

Bamia is actually one of the best appetizers of Egyptian food. It is called a stew of OKRA. BAMIA is the Arabic word of OKRA and, Okra is called “LADIE’S FINGER” because its looks like this. Gombo is also called Okra. Bamia is made in two different ways, you can make it in a dry form or in a curry form. Bamia is found in ANATOLIA and in GREECE.

Egypt – Fattah

This is an Egyptian dish that is always celebrated, especially during Eid al-Adha when the lamb boards remind us of it. In Arabic, the word “Fattah” means “particle”. The Fattah is also the Lebanese breakfast king.

Zambia – Cocoa Buffer Ladu

It is made from ground cocoa when it is cooled, then wrapped in leafy greens and slowly, depending on your cooking preference, fresh or smoked meat, fish, cream, red oil, and other It is mixed with herbs. Aquang is a special kind of coconut broth. The shops here are labeled “Taro White” or “Pink Taro” while Cameron is called “Macabo Coco” in the logo.

Egypt – Mombar

Mombar is one of the best sausage dishes in Egypt. Mombar is always present in the ceremony, festivals, and special occasions of Egypt because it is a symbol of Love and shows luck to their occasions. This dish is not only popular in Egypt but also in different countries like ALGERIA, TUNISIA, SYRIA, LIBYA, etc.

Zambia – Nashima and Relish

NASHIMA is a very important dish in Zambia. This ingredient is made from food, which is made from corn. In Zambia or South Africa, we used rape or more leaves instead of black, but black is a good alternative.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Bhunna Hua Qeema (Minced Meat)

Bhuna hua qeema means the mince of meat like lamb, mutton, beef, etc are brownish in color, fry them in masala, and spiciest food to eat in lunch or dinner. We can also eat this at breakfast because most of the people in Pakistan eat “salad” in breakfast with parathas or roti as well with a cup of tea must.

Egypt – Umm Ali

Umm Ali is one of the most famous desserts of Egypt. In every country, this dish is famous not because of its name, just because of its taste as well. This is like a puff pastry which is made with pudding and cake. This dessert is started in the 12th century in EGYPT. The meaning of this dish is ” Ali’s Mother “. Actually, she was the wife of the Egyptian ruler.