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Egypt – Bissara

Africa means food, travel, jungle, loneliness, and adventure. Bissara is a food which consists of beans and looks like mashed potatoes. It is actually a National dish of North Africa and consists of beans-type ingredients like peas. Moroccan food is broadly Mediterranean food. Morocco is home to mainly Tajiks and Pastels, a true symbol of Moroccan cuisine.

Egypt – Masaa‘a

Masaa’a is one of the best and famous dishes of Egypt which is not only famous in Egypt but also in other countries. This dish is actually based on EGGPLANT. You can use different kinds of meat in your dish along with Eggplant but Eggplant is compulsory. This dish is originated from Middle East of Greece and Egypt, while eggplant is originated from India. There are different versions of this dish according to the country.

Ghana – Waakye

This is the dish which is based on BEANS and RICE. This is one of the most famous breakfasts for GHANAIANS. The specialty of this dish is, you can serve its dish in BANANA LEAVES. The meaning of the word “WAAKYE” is BEAN. This word comes from the language of HAUSA. This dish was originated from CARRIBEAN and SOUTH AMERICA.

Egypt – Umm Ali

Umm Ali is one of the most famous desserts of Egypt. In every country, this dish is famous not because of its name, just because of its taste as well. This is like a puff pastry which is made with pudding and cake. This dessert is started in the 12th century in EGYPT. The meaning of this dish is ” Ali’s Mother “. Actually, she was the wife of the Egyptian ruler.

Egypt – Mombar

Mombar is one of the best sausage dishes in Egypt. Mombar is always present in the ceremony, festivals, and special occasions of Egypt because it is a symbol of Love and shows luck to their occasions. This dish is not only popular in Egypt but also in different countries like ALGERIA, TUNISIA, SYRIA, LIBYA, etc.

Zambia – Cocoa Buffer Ladu

It is made from ground cocoa when it is cooled, then wrapped in leafy greens and slowly, depending on your cooking preference, fresh or smoked meat, fish, cream, red oil, and other It is mixed with herbs. Aquang is a special kind of coconut broth. The shops here are labeled “Taro White” or “Pink Taro” while Cameron is called “Macabo Coco” in the logo.

Egypt – Bamia

Bamia is actually one of the best appetizers of Egyptian food. It is called a stew of OKRA. BAMIA is the Arabic word of OKRA and, Okra is called “LADIE’S FINGER” because its looks like this. Gombo is also called Okra. Bamia is made in two different ways, you can make it in a dry form or in a curry form. Bamia is found in ANATOLIA and in GREECE.

Egypt – Ful wa Ta’meya

Phil Midmas and Tamiya Egyptian fast food are an important part of Egyptian cuisine. Actually, it means beans and lentils, and it is a food that is unique to the Egyptians.