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Rwanda – Traditional Barbecued Meat

Traditional barbecued meat from Rwanda will surprise you. Normally we both know that barbecued meat will have to get cooked over heat, special charcoal cook, but from Rwanda things are little different here we marinate meat for about a day, then cook it smoked covered with greens for some hours.

Chad – Esh

Esh cuisine is among the northern Arab cuisines made from boiled millet flour. Chad is located in the north-central of African Continent bordering Libya in the north, Niger in the west, Cameroon on the west-southern part and Central African Republic to the south, as well as Sudan to it’s east.

Sudan – Moukhbaza with Kisra Bread

Sudan is a country found East-central of Africa bordered by Egypt to the north, Ethiopia to the east, South Sudan to the south and Chad to the west. Although Sudanese cuisines are influenced from it’s neighbor’s ones, still it holds Moukhbaza as itt’s significant dish prepared almost all over the country.

Botswana – Serobe

Serobe is among the loved traditional dishes of Tswana people. Botswana country is found in southern parts of Africa and it’s bordered on the south with South Africa country. It is prepared as a roast of intestines, stomach, liver and kidneys mix of either cow or goat.

Eritrea – Shahan Ful

Eritrea is a country located in the eastern (horn) part of African continent. Shahan ful is a lovely breakfast meal in Eritrea prepared along in the Ramadan fasting period. Morning Ramadan meal is also known as suhoor.

Rwanda – Sardine Roast (Dagaa)

Such a tasty yummy dish from Tutsi people, the tribe of Rwanda, Sardine roast is all people favorite, especially when you speak about lake sardines. In Rwanda we have rivers that provide at large these sardines, others are modern sardine fishing as well as imports from Tanzania and Burundi.

Zambia – Inswa

In every rainy season, you will see golden flies all around places in Zambia, they are flying termites. Here in Zambia we call them Inswa. In nearby country that is Tanzania, they usually call them “Kumbikumbi”.

Sudan – Goraasa be Dama

Goraasa be Dama is a Sudanese cuisine composed of beef stew and easy flatbread. Talking about Sudan, is a country located North-East Africa largely occupied with black people. Arabs settle in the northern and eastern parts at large while Africans occupies the rest.

Zambia – Kalembula

Kalembula is name that whenever you will be required to list down Zambian cuisines, no wonder it must appear there. It’s a cuisine from Sweet potato leaves, mixed with vegetables to enhance taste and nutritional benefits.