Entries by Alkased Mamim

Chad – Jarret de boeuf

Jarret de boeuf is a cuisine prepared in the country for a long time back. The cuisine itself follows very easy and simple steps to it’s ready meal state, almost everyone with the recipe instructions can make it.

Zambia – Inswa

In every rainy season, you will see golden flies all around places in Zambia, they are flying termites. Here in Zambia we call them Inswa. In nearby country that is Tanzania, they usually call them “Kumbikumbi”.

Chad – Daraba

Chad is a country located in the north-central of African Continent. The country borders Libya in the north, Niger and Nigeria in the west, Cameroon on the west-southern part and Central African Republic to the south, as well as Sudan to it’s east.

Eritrea – Kicha FitFit

Eritrea is an African country found in the eastern parts of the continent. Kicha FitFit is mainly prepared from flour to make pancakes that later are tossed over butter mixed with spices.

Chad – La Bouillie

Chad is located in the north-central of African Continent. La Bouillie is porridge dish, prepared in the country using various cereal like rice or wheat.

Eritrea – Ga’at

Eritrea is an African country found in the eastern parts of the continent. Ga’at is the must cuisine in Eritrea homes. The dish is sometimes called Genfo. It is a long lasting breakfast meal in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Eritrea – Panettone

Panettone is towering round bread speckled mix of raisins, citrus, and almonds with a plush and buttery. It is prepared at home or can be found at bread groceries. This bread is famous in Eritrea, Italy, Australia, Northern and southern Europe.

Ethiopia – Asa

Asa is a dish to present a fish such as Nile perch, that it fried and served with other foods like rice, stiff porridge or fried bread. Ethiopia is among the African countries that stays on focus to hold their traditional eating styles, this is proved with the presence of Injera in almost all of the table foods.

Rwanda – Cassava Leaves

Rwanda is a country found in the eastern part of African continent, bordered with United republic of Tanzania to the east, Burundi to the southern part and democratic republic of Congo. Cassava leaves is a tasty greeny meal in the homes of Rwanda people.