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Rwanda – Cassava Leaves

Rwanda is a country found in the eastern part of African continent, bordered with United republic of Tanzania to the east, Burundi to the southern part and democratic republic of Congo. Cassava leaves is a tasty greeny meal in the homes of Rwanda people.

Botswana – Serobe

Serobe is among the loved traditional dishes of Tswana people. Botswana country is found in southern parts of Africa and it’s bordered on the south with South Africa country. It is prepared as a roast of intestines, stomach, liver and kidneys mix of either cow or goat.

Rwanda – Sardine Roast (Dagaa)

Such a tasty yummy dish from Tutsi people, the tribe of Rwanda, Sardine roast is all people favorite, especially when you speak about lake sardines. In Rwanda we have rivers that provide at large these sardines, others are modern sardine fishing as well as imports from Tanzania and Burundi.

Sudan – Goraasa be Dama

Goraasa be Dama is a Sudanese cuisine composed of beef stew and easy flatbread. Talking about Sudan, is a country located North-East Africa largely occupied with black people. Arabs settle in the northern and eastern parts at large while Africans occupies the rest.

Chad – La Bouillie

Chad is located in the north-central of African Continent. La Bouillie is porridge dish, prepared in the country using various cereal like rice or wheat.

Eritrea – Ga’at

Eritrea is an African country found in the eastern parts of the continent. Ga’at is the must cuisine in Eritrea homes. The dish is sometimes called Genfo. It is a long lasting breakfast meal in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Eritrea – Shahan Ful

Eritrea is a country located in the eastern (horn) part of African continent. Shahan ful is a lovely breakfast meal in Eritrea prepared along in the Ramadan fasting period. Morning Ramadan meal is also known as suhoor.

Rwanda – Bloody Grass (Tembele)

Our country, Rwanda is located in the eastern part of the African continent. Every morning around the streets in almost all parts of the country, everyone stands out the door waiting for purchasing the green leaves, mostly Tembele.

Rwanda – Traditional Barbecued Meat

Traditional barbecued meat from Rwanda will surprise you. Normally we both know that barbecued meat will have to get cooked over heat, special charcoal cook, but from Rwanda things are little different here we marinate meat for about a day, then cook it smoked covered with greens for some hours.

Burundi – Mlo and Ugali

Burundi taste comes from natural heritage, including plants, meats and milk. Burundi is an African country located in the eastern zone. This dish is almost cease to exist because of the modern world styles of cooking. In some dense areas here in Burundi, the style is still on hot mode.