How crypto boomed in times of corona virus (series 2)

by Verdzekov Bernard

Blockchain Security: 3 Ways to Secure Your Blockchain - Thales blog

Blockchain, like bitcoin and Ethereum, have achieved great success. That’s a clear example you have just read in series 1. And for Blochian technology, detailing and storing of information for a perfect sure security has increased too. Hardly could anyone believe that fully.

I had a friend who dealt with crypto. He was so sure of the security so much so that he braked about. He has been saying this for a very long time and has been succeeding. His phone was stolen. It got him so distracted and annoyed. He even suspected some of his friends. After about 7 weeks and some days, the phone was traced and the guys caught. During questioning the, guys said they had plans on kidnapping the owner because the found it so difficult to have his login key and that too the options where limited. Kidnapping the owner was the only option. 

This friend of mind activated his account, signed in and saw his coins, not in tacked but that risen up from the original account he had. 

This is all a setup of blockchain technology which has risen over the years because of new sign ins. This has made blockchain technology to stand out, when we look at it in the aspect of security, recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack or cheat the system. On this rock, lies the substratum of crypto currency and highly classified information.  

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