Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining

The world with bitcoin today, is not like before. How bitcoin is large today and known by so many, Is not as before. The courage people have to deal with bitcoin is different as before. This is because, bitcoin has proven to be that digital currency that accepts all, and all transaction. It has been realized to meet up and even compare with pass currencies or rather fiscal cash.

You seat in your home and you are able to purchase with a currency you have seen just digitally. You are allowed to buy a car or even a house and it is gradually going to food items using the digital currency bitcoin. So far, amongst all other digital currencies, bitcoin is the most popular to me. Everywhere you see people trading with this coin. You see people negotiating with this coin. You see people accepting BTC in place of cash. That is, you give in BTC for cash. You see so many people buying and selling bitcoin on different rates and levels like to say it was a food market.

Bitcoin has gone to wide and wild. You who may not know about it may be cheated, disgraced or seen as backward. I didn’t see this coming, but it looks like it is here already. Bitcoin had existed, but many didn’t know about it. I guest many didn’t know about it because, it had not been so developed as it is today.

Bitcoin is used today for so many transactions. For you to be able to trade in bitcoin. You have to be very careful as to what you are engaging to. This is because the risk is really high and there is no guarantee that you will make it while trading in BTC. So many factors hinder the bit world market such as bitcoin supply and the press too. But for you to engage in this business, and think of succeeding, you have to work on your speed. Working on your speed here, you will have to stay up to date with latest news concerning the what is new for crypto prices, you have to have good internet connection. If not, you will be working behind time or you will miss out so many things. Trading in general needs a good internet connection. 

The risk in trading cryptocurrency is to high. You may be making it at one point, and at one point, you lose everything. I mean everything. It is common in trading, but with cryptocurrency like bitcoin, I think is worst. Imagine there is a security breach or macroeconomic setback or regulation changes and you don’t about this because of lack of info, you will lose if you trade, and you may lose everything, not just some. But some of this factor affect the blockchain negative and there are many more. So, you have to stay alert at all times when venturing into this domain of currency.

Most people don’t even venture into this trading part of bitcoin because the are scared. Though there is a saying that, “to join the rich, you have to take the risk”, not all risk is worth taking, especially when you are a beginner and still managing on low income. On the other hand, you could risk it all and still survive. Most venture in selling and buying. At list the risk there is less. You just have to study and know when you will sell or buy BTC. 

With crypto currency, you are capable of mining currencies. Crypto currency mining is situation when a computer is used to solve crypto puzzles and there are rewarded for. It is another aspect of earning bitcoin which is money when it is converted or you could still use for what so purpose. This is so wonderful. At times I ask myself questions, how is this even possible. It is what you need is a dedicated computer hardware with a specialized graphic processing unit. You will need this with a good cooling system, if not you will lose your computer. You will also need good internet connection with constant internet. Is like you should never go online. You need a good software. This is real. But you have to take into consideration that you will need to pay for internet connection, electricity bill and let’s say for unforeseen circumstances like damages. This will cost you. 

It is usually very good to deal with bitcoin for a long period of time before investing in mining it. Or if you think you have so much to start mining, then that will be better. But to start as if you managing or if you are still managing, that won’t be so good for you. 

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