How crypto boomed in times of corona virus

by Verdzekov Bernard

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies In June 2021 – Forbes Advisor

Coronavirus commonly called covid19 struck earth starting with china on the 31stDecember 2019 and has taken a lot of lives around the world touching nearly all countries in all continent. You couldn’t be joking with that having in mind it has killed a lot and there are still people dying and maybe more to die. They say is a virus from China. I can’t know how through this is, but what I can say is that, all this may be Political. Haven’t really had enough facts about that. But this period of COVID has affected a lot of lives. It has changed a lot of lives. Some people’s lives will never be desame again after the pandemic. 

During this people, a lot of people lost their jobs. Many couldn’t take care of their families. Some people went down to abject poverty while some other people got very rich.      Jeff Bezos, founder and former CEO of is one of those people that made a lot of money during this period. How did this affect the crypto? 

Most people accept crypto currency during this period. do you want to know why? Because you could make money and at same stay save from the virus, just ordering from delivery companies with amazon inclusive, thus making the Man more money. I will elaborate more on the second, how this limited contamination and caused crypto to go way up. 

With crypto currency, you could transact with so many people around the world without even getting to see them or know their identity. With people being scared to go cue up at an ATM trying to cash out their money, for people going to save or go for complaints or renew their cards, they preferred to covert the money to digital currency they wanted. The virus killed and didn’t care if you had an account with all the money in the world in it. It still killed you anyway. Probably, Jeff Bezos made sure his staffs are saved although he has a lot of machines that replaced humans, he still had some workers, and he made sure they stay alive to serve you all who are ready to pay digitally with gift cards for goods or their goods and services. Amazon hasn’t accepted bitcoin yet, but I guess order delivery enterprises did. 

Many people didn’t want to get contaminated and same as they wanted to make money too (doubling), either trading or selling and buying. That was a lot of work during the pandemic. Many traders got busy, many bitcoin mins set up, more traffic on the internet. All this happened at a particular period which either influenced the growth of some businesses, that made some people rich and orders poor, that made names go up… Period of the pandemic, COVID19.

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