by Verdzekov Bernard

Before Blockchain came into existence, there already exited illicit transactions that couldn’t be traced or caught by the police. Though when critically analyze, catching a criminal who transacted with BTC is more difficult than someone who transacted with money. This doesn’t make bitcoin bad. Bitcoin is a currency which if well developed, known and accepted, it will serve more as a means of transacting and exchange. The digital level of bitcoin is high than that of today’s currency and that will help boost transaction levels.

There are means to stop all of this. They that developed, can equally help stop off all the illicit transactions. But then where is the creator? Even though they are good hackers out there, they will need to break through the original system to stop the bad acts that bitcoin permits. If they can’t, will bitcoin be band? Will people drop it down after huge investments made in it? There are actually a lot of crimes that are being carried and the perpetrators being payed digitally and in bitcoin making it difficult for the police to trace them. This is will go on and on if not stopped. 

This makes the concept of BTC bad. Why do I say so? Any introduced that is to be accepted by the world has to be something which is better if not very good it should be best. The currency we use today still serves the purpose of exchange. It is easier, well understood and widely accepted. So, what is Bitcoin coming to change? What is bitcoin trying to improve? If not, payment means, improving transaction both internally and externally or internationally, what else? Today’s money does all of that so what is it that bitcoin is to do that will boost economic development and a good relationship amongst people. So many have been victims of fraud transacting with bitcoin. Many are still suffering from it and many will still suffer if positive actions are not taking to combat this digital fraud. 

It is a reality. No fiction. There are so many benefiting from it now through trading, buy and selling. They say “if you can’t take the risk, means you may remain poor. That is not in all cases. So, don’t kill yourself by using your last investment because someone online said that. 

Many times, students have been addressed. Some have used their tuition to trade since the introduction of bitcoin. Going and extra-mile to put food on your table is not a problem, but do It wisely. Bitcoin could make you earn some more money behind a little investment which you did, but be ready to do that at your own detriment and risk. The loss could make you talk alone. 

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