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By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected]

From what started as a roller coaster of a journey with a small group of cypherpunks who believed in cryptography as a means to promote privacy…… Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology had a rough beginning as was seen with so many failed attempts by Cryptocurrencies like DigiCash. That journey is now in the corridors of JP Morgan Chase, one of the largest American multinational financial services firms.

Bitcoin and Blockchain history have proved to be a story of rapid transformation. After initial scandals in the industry, the fledging technology emerged and rose in value to attract the attention of JP Morgan Chase and the mushrooming of reputable companies that support the ecosystem.

As a result of these positive developments, there has been a deliberate shift to focus on how this technology and related innovations with its underlying technology, the blockchain can be sold to the entire world’s financial market before it can fully be assimilated into everyday transactions.

Where exactly do people discuss blockchain technology and bitcoin? People have found a few places where this is discussed.

To start with, Finmail is a sub-brand of Securechain ApS, a Denmark company headquartered in Copenhagen. Among other services, the company hosts an active community-based platform that contributes valuable information about blockchain and bitcoin technology. Readers are free to learn and contribute to the platform their knowledge and analysis of the technology.

Then there is Reddit’s r/bitcoin, a community of bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts who host a variety of discussions and updates of what is happening in the crypto space. Very useful information is available that helps community members to understand what’s is going on.

Extracts from the Reddit’s r/bitcoin community

Next are online discussion boards like, Bitcoin meetups and conferences, and Bitcoin-specific IRC Channels. The is also an active community that disseminates useful information that enriches the community and inspires confidence in the technology. Discussions include mining, technical support and mining.

There are also organizations like Blockchain at Berkeley that are dedicated to discussing and pushing forward blockchain technology. They have a Slack channel with over 2000 members that people use to discuss news and developments in the blockchain space. They also host many public events, workshops, and meetups, teach multiple classes on the UC Berkeley campus.

All this is done to foster and develop the blockchain community with a view to sensitize as many people as possible. One will only wonder when such variable information will reach the remotest parts of the underdeveloped world communities in Africa, Asia and South America. But these
communities are a small step in the right direction.

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