The basic attention token – BAT

Author: Lumai Mubanga

Imagine reading adverts and earning at the same time. This is exactly what the basic attention token is all about. How does it work?

The basic attention token is an Ethereum based token designed to improve digital advertising on the web. This is an excellent feature that promotes goodwill between advertisers and internet users. But it works in conjunction with the brave token. Brave is an open-source web browser that supports a safer and faster internet browsing experience.

The basic attention token was clearly designed with three entities in mind. These are consumers, advertisers, and publishers. This is a deliberate design to promote and integrate a close-knit triangle of beneficiaries. How does each of these benefits?

As a user, you first need to download the brave browser from the brave website. You can opt-in and enable an optional feature known as brave rewards. This feature will allow you to receive adverts that do not compromise your privacy and safety. In addition to this safety net, it also blocks trackers and adware that may infect you with malicious software designed to steal your browsing habits. When you view specific advertisements using brave, you will earn a BAT token as a reward for paying attention to those adverts! This is extraordinary and encourages users to view more and more adverts from their favorite publishers and advertisers. At the same, your content creators and advertisers also earn BAT for their content. It is estimated that 70 percent of all advertising revenue goes to you. In contrast, without the use of BAT, those earnings will secretly be earned by publishers. This has revolutionized the earning matrix in the advertising world, where previously, you were the product on which every advertisement made income. With brave and BAT, you become the principal earner.

Once you earn BAT, you can send it to your favorite content creators and publishers.

You have a choice to donate BAT to your favorite content creators.
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This allows them to get more for their content. It also incentives-es them to be creative and open with their advertising. To make a donation to any of your favorite content creators, you simply send a token to them.

Just how do you make a donation? The first time you install brave on your computer, it allows you to create an account on the browser. You are required to register using your basic user information such as real names and emails for payment purposes. after that, you can follow simple instructions to make a donation to your favorite content creator or blogger.

Making a donation of BAT token on brave
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The brave creators seem to have more in store for their clients. They are in the process of introducing chat apps, games and much more. Who knows how much BAT tokens users of this browser will be able to make once all this is done? Thanks to the blockchain technology with its innovative way of rewarding users across the globe.

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