The blockchain technology on E-learning

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

The digital or virtual part  of life seems to be complement of the physical life whereas in reality, there is no actual comparison between the two. One is there to serve the other and not the other way round. The digital world has been structured to ease the daily life of humanity. Traditionally, it is known and widely accepted that school is when you go to a class room, sited on a bench, having school mates and classmates with whom you progress together. With the advent of the internet and furthermore the blockchain technology, things seem to be different. One does not have to go a classroom or attend classes for a period of three months, six months, nine months in order to have a diploma, certificate at the end of studies. It can be done at a distant manner, known as E-learning, that is electronic learning. With this, no matter where you are found in the globe, you can easily have a degree or a diploma at the other end of the globe with no related difficulties or issues like when sited on a class bench. This is the innovation we are expressing at this point in time.

In order to refer concretely in this, the word AI, that is Artificial intelligence is constantly being employed as it stands for machine learning, electronic learning. With this, it is very possible to ask how the blockchain technology will be useful in artificial intelligence or better still machine learning. How possibilities can the blockchain technology execute itself on E-learning for the betterment of students, hungry learners as going to a classroom in order to learn or study is no longer a possible option to easily trade on. How then, can this be actually possible in the artificial intelligence. E-learning is learning that deals in the learning of new skill from the part of the learner and teaching from the part of the teacher which at the end learners acquire digital certificates that is being used for one reason or the other like the search of a new job in different company or simply an upgrade of position in your company, since it is not possible for the learner to go to a classroom for one reason or another depending on each individual. Due to the fact that the learner’s digital certificates or credentials have to be verified by an employer before giving him a job or an upgrade, there is a sort of trust that appears in the evaluation of the degree. Since as one of the characteristics of the blockchain technology is that it can not be changed or altered no matter the reason or software that is being used, it is a great opportunity for organizations doing E-learning to protect, secure and authenticate the digital certificates, diplomas of their e-learners with no possibility of the digital certificates to be fakes or rendered false. The digital certificates or credentials should be recorded on the blockchain as it can not be altered or fake. With this method and technology, even if the organization issuing the credentials or the digital certificates has been hacked, your credentials shall not be faked since they are recorded on a blockchain ledger, making the credentials safe and secure.

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