Why has the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies become indispensable?

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Is the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies really indispensable that it is hard to deal without them when it refers to online dealings? The answer is certainly a Big YES. We live in a time; humanity does not know how the tomorrow will look like. The only certainty one can go ahead and say is the fact that, online life and dealings are taking a different dimension, as it can be said that online life is the one that has most benefitted from this crisis.  Some countries at this time of hardship are using technologies like the Brute force. A country in the headline of this brute force under the blockchain technology is India. India is known for its density and high population, coming immediately after China. The usage of the Brute force by some countries and states involves all possible secret keys.

Furthermore, the brute force goes in line with mathematical attacks. They two form an indispensable force as it permits the usage of different techniques which renders transaction deals like records of medical transactions, identity management, documentation and other types of transactions very vital at this particular time of humanity. It thereby renders the blockchain technology stronger and more indispensable to the human race as the world’s economy and sanitary systems are at the blink of collapsing.

Among other countries that are using the blockchain technology like India in identity management for tracing up clients that have been infected by the Covid-19. This could only be possible by technologies put in place by Natoshi Sakamoto has been exploited more than the reason it was created for in 2008. Countries like France, Germany have exploited the blockchain technology to further uses as they have created technological centers that will act in the frontline of tracing of new covid-19 cases and breaking up its transmission before it spreads more than expected. This reinforcement with the blockchain technology is another aspect that shows off the magnitude of the blockchain technology. Through this, it is an example for other nations like African countries to follow in the fight against the Covid-19 using the blockchain technology, as the blockchain technology does not limit itself only to the financial aspect, but to other aspects also like sanitary systems.

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