End-end to transactions with crypto

by Verdzekov Bernard

To me, if there are no people to invest and that take the risk to trade or buy and sell coins, the coins will go to inexistence. It could stay in existence, but the number of people who transact there won’t be compared as to if the world had all accepted bitcoin and people will invest in it to make more money. People will either use it only to buy goods or services and that won’t still be traced. That will be the lone advantage.

Also, and based on some facts of the black market, the black market will be forever grateful to the creation of crypto currency. This has permitted them to transact more illegally without being caught by the authorities and that makes business to boom. Like in one of my articles, I mentioned, “if Pablo Escobar was able to benefit from crypto like what is happening today, he would have been the reaches and the statement Elon Musk said will won’t affect bitcoin or the crypto world like the way it did because it would have been having a great back up from the greatest drug lord.

It is said that; Bitcoin ATM’s were increasingly requiring government issued ID as of 2020. This will go a long way to breach trust between end to end transactions. Information of the person you are transacting with may be disclose and even if it is not expose, it could be traced by the FBI which will break that END-END PRIVATE CLIENT relationship. Which indirectly breaks that one fundamental policies blockchain technology and which may destroy crypto currencies who have built their foundations on. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. 

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