How to deploy an application on Ethereum – Basics

by Lumai Mubanga

You can join the ethereum blockchain

As you already know, ethereum is an open-source platform for application deployment. Currently, more than 300,000 developers are busy developing applications to run on this platform. All are building their own products, their own infrastructure on the core layer of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum has become a very large playground for technologists, for creators, and entrepreneurs.

However, just how can you personally get involved and build an application that will eventually run on this block chain?

To begin with, remember that ethereum is an open-source platform, built and created to enhance the quality of life for people around the world. To achieve this, the platform is permissionless. You do not need to undergo a long vetting process to be allowed access to its tools. You start by creating a free account on the ethereum blockchain. You will then begin to get familiar with the inbuilt tools within the application.

For developers, you definitely need to know how to code smart contracts. Ethereum is well known for applications deployed to offer smart contracts to automate anything. Once that smart contract is done, you can then launch it and have it hosted and ran on the ethereum blockchain.

Costs Involved

As an open-source platform, are there any costs to involve?. To run your programs on the platform, you will be required to pay what is referred to as gas. In short, it can be referred to as the currency of the platform. It is a unit of measure of the computational efforts expended in executing smart contracts and other transactions. Apparently, it has no fixed amount. Much depends on the computational power needed for the running of the applications as well as how congested the network is at the time of the transaction or application execution. However, there are debates going on that ethereum is becoming expensive, something unwelcome as it may stifle the expansion of the technology on the mainstream.

In other words, it’s like having your website hosted on a web server for it to be published. In as much as you need to pay either yearly or monthly subscriptions, you also need to pay for having your applications hosted on the ethereum blockchain.

Can it be taken down?

As an open-source, everyone anywhere is free to build on it. Everything that happens on the platform is recorded and transparent. Today, it has grown to more than ten thousand nodes distributed across the world, reassuring its immutable nature. Yes, nothing on the blockchain can be removed. Apparently, no one has the capacity or right to remove anything.

What can you build?

Literally anything imaginable and productive. Examples of applications running on the platform include voting systems, identity systems, supply chain, insurance and cross border trading and money exchanges. In addition, this can be done with Crypto money or this can be done also with a Crypto Vacuum for traditional Fiat money.

Therefore, the Ethereum blockchain is an ecosystem of talents. You need to develop the talent as a developer to get on board, begin creating smart contracts and help humanity.

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