How Blockchain Create Smart Medical Ecosystem

by Fauzan Anandika

The year 2020 maybe become the gloomiest year of our life. Covid 19 pandemic has changed our life, our goals, and our behavior. Thousands of people died, and million other suffer in this pandemic. The coronavirus, infecting us very quickly, and we spread it to other people without realizing it. Our seniors and people with congenital decease become the highest risk people infected by Covid 19. Doctors and medical teams from all over the world try their best to treat every patient that suffering.

Having a comprehensive medical record and can easily be shared with the medical team is one of the best ways to prevent a patient from getting worst during Covid 19 treatment. When a patient has a congenital disease mostly in their respiratory system and diabetes, their health will decline dramatically. That’s why the medic team needs a quick data distribution between departments gives a better symptom analysis.

In these modern days, with blockchain technology, medical records can easily be distributed. With its feature, blockchain technology can give control to the patient on their medical records. A patient can easily share their comprehensive medical records to every hospital in the blockchain medical network. There are reasons why medical treatment needs to use blockchain technology.

Comprehensive record

Fragmented and isolated records could create inefficiency and inaccuracies in the whole medical treatment system. Blockchain technology can manage medical records with high security and using a collaborative approach. A collaboration from every medical team to add a blockchain record of treatment that has already been received by a patient will give the next doctor a complete viewpoint even they come from a different hospital.

Lack of interoperability

Medical data sharing still becomes a sensitive material to send via an online platform. Data security also become a concern for hospitals and patient when they do data processing online. The data need to share with another user, but the bad news is medical record is easy to be targeted when using the online data-sharing platform. To ensure the ownership of the transferred data, they need to create a complex regulation with strict parameters in developing efficient management of medical records. This complex regulation is known as the smart contract, a record to ensure data only can be received at an exact address.

When using blockchain technology, every data transferred using a smart contract, and the system enables us to track the data movement. The patient record becomes immutable and hard to steal and edited because it’s connected to all stakeholders. When anyone wants to change the data records, they need to get permission from every stakeholder. With this feature, blockchain has become the technology that can manage data security and data transfer efficiently. With all of this, blockchain also manages records and lead to better patient treatment.

Traceable work record

Blockchain will bring efficiency when integrated as an access key to the sensitive data of patient health. With decentralize data, all the medical team could check on what happened before. This will improve the quality of medical treatment and give an evaluation of how the doctor work. Improving their work quality and prevent malpractice a method to ensure the health worker

Integration of medical treatment will become our hope in the future where every clinic and hospital connected in one big data chain to share information and bring a good analysis in handling patients during a pandemic or in a normal situation.

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