Is the world in search of a new financial breath?

By Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy. [email protected]

Editor note: Title has been slightly updated

It is no hiding that the world’s economy is in a very critical position and situation with everyone trying to bring out a solution in order to seldom these critical situations that are handicapping and making life really difficult for everyone in all nations. Though at times, these critical situations often result or come from developed countries affecting everyone especially those from developing countries that are in real need to have a solution to their current needs. As a result of the current epidemic hammering the world economy as it is from one of the world’s strongest economy, the form of phone takes a different shift, forcing many residents to be local or remote workers.

With this difficult setbacks, eventually the world wants to have another strife and get on various ways to get back on tract. With this, most countries have resulted as a solution to get that financial breath through unlikely issues like online work and remote works to be done at any part of the world in so far as you have the skills, abilities and capacities to do them smoothly and effectively. It is not something strange the backbone of every country has been weakened and the strong backbones have turned to accept to accept digital currencies as part of their economy with these countries where mining is only possible due to their cold climates. This is the case with the various countries: Sweden, Norway, and Ireland where though they already had a vital and strong economy even before the coming of Bitcoin, it has simply led to the boosting up of these various economies at these respective countries.

Looking at this in sight, it becomes more likable that digital currencies can appear to be that second financial breath so many countries are in need of, especially coming from Latin America, African countries in particular as some these countries generally regarded as third countries quietly embracing digital countries as a financial second breath as their currencies and economies are being controlled directly or indirectly with or without their consent have resulted to use digital currencies as a way to overcome and gain financial independence in one way or the other through the reigning of the new currency, the Digital currency in association with the Blockchain technology to reinforce a system that is constantly at the mercy of getting worse and worse due to the low currency they have at hand. Yes, it is evident that through the use of digital currencies and the Blockchain technology, the world has seen a solution as a second financial breath to the current financial difficulties.

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