Hyper ledge, a unique permissioned ledger.

by Lumai Mubanga

Some Uniqueness of hyperledger

Don middleton was quoted as saying: “One of the first things people learn when coming to Hyperledger is that Hyperledger isn’t, like its name may imply, a ledger. It is a collection of blockchain technology projects.” end of quote. And for sure, there in lies the uniqueness of this blockchain technology.

Unlike bitcoin and ethereum, hyperledger is unique in several ways. This article looks at those aspects and appreciate the whole spectrum of blockchain technologies and how they continue to evolve.

As an open source hosted by the Linux foundation, hyperledger cuts across many industries. Unlike bitcoins, it is actually more enterprise focused than any other similar platform. The goal have been to advance and create solutions that cuts across all sectors, regardless. Its full fledged to develop as many projects as possible supported by a community of developers. Nevertheless, just how unique is hyperledger?

A Unique community

Compared to other permissioned ledgers, Hyperledger is a collection of blockchain technologies supported by a unique community of developers and entrepreneurs. As an open source-based platform, it acts as an umbrella of open source projects. This unique characteristic opens up new dimensions that set it apart from ethereum and bitcoins platforms as will be discussed briefly in later paragraphs.

A different technology code

So many technology codes ran under hyperledger. For example, there are distributed ledger frameworks purely supporting P2P transactions. In addition, there are decentralized data sharing networks as well as digital communities. As diverse as these projects could be, all these projects have a similar set of development principles supported by the community of developers. This is unlike ethereum and bitcoins in many ways. This leads to the next unique aspect.

Multi stakeholder

In a normal open source development project as in browsers and other software, applications are developed, perhaps by individuals, who later release it to the public for further improvements.

In hyperledger, developers share that with other developers, essentially from day one as a public process. Even if the project starts out as an idea of one person, many stakeholders come on board to have a community touch to the code until release to the public. That is truly a multi-stakeholder project. This ensures that the project is not just a one-man developed project, but also a product of a trusted team of developers contributing to a lasting solution.

That way, any project comes out as a product on a community’s commitment to Excellency hat out lives any one company or individual.

With the sole purpose of fulfilling the goal of a multi-stakeholder in all project developments, the hyper ledger has contributed more to the development and release of projects faster than some similar platforms.

This too explains why hyperledger has the flexibility to explore a new concept and new consensus mechanism.

With a unique community, a different technology code and a multi-stakeholder approach to application development, hype ledger continues to inspire more with its innovations and permissioned platform that are loved by many, especially in the enterprise community.

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