What is the blockchain technology not about ?

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

The blockchain technology is a moving technology. It is a technology that do not have a start point nor an end point. The blockchain technology is a technology on its own. Other technologies need the blockchain technology for an enhanced functioning in order to produce excellent and better results. It is not really the case with the blockchain technology since its a technology on its own. It functions without the need and support of others. Others even go forward by calling it an island, due to its technical layout and the way it adapts itself in every situation and position. Due to this, many experts and users have concluded on the fact that the blockchain technology is made for all situations and environments without exception or doubt. For them, the blockchain technology is a Man For All Seasons. This has not fallen well with people that do not share the same point of view like them.Yes, they admit and accept the greatness of the blockchain technology, but do not agree it is a Man For All Seasons.

This concept could be asserted from being true or false depending on the manner and angle it is being looked from. There is no absolute doubt of the greatness and mightiness of the blockchain technology. It will not be fair to agree that the blockchain technology is a technology for all situations and environments. What is interesting about the blockchain technology is that connects altogether economics that is the movement of value, then the belief of trust and roots in a Libertian thinking which all come under a philosphic reflection. Also, comes an advanced technolgy which are cryptography and a distributed ledger solution. All these together are simply a resume  of how the blockchain technology manifest itself in all spheres of alife respectively. Notwithstanding, they show an endlless direct connection they all share with the blockchain technology. This connection maya t some point not be direct, it may appear in an indirect manner, the fact still remains the same, they are all connected to the blockchain technology directly or indirectly. An example is in Smart contracts. Countries or companies using smart contracts have a higher efficiency as they appear to show the basis of the blockchain technology.  For example, blockchain voting systems. Despite, this proficiency of the blockchain technology, some still the blockchain technology is not about some things.

Getting into this, due to this strong manifestation of the blockchain technology, some users begin to think the blockchain technology is bitcoin. No it is not the blockchain. Bitcoin is just using the blockchain as a technologyto back it up. Blockchain is not a cryptocurrency. The blockchain is just a strong foundation unto which cryptpocurrency is built on. Still, there is also this belief that the blockchain is very easy to assimilate and understand. The blockchain technology is very complex even to beginners or professionals. It takes time to assimilate and understand to its perfect way.

The points brought are just to lay an emphasize on the fact that the blockchain seems to be omnipotent and open, there are still some details that make it not 100% omnipotent.

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