What could the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency do for my business and enterprise?

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

It is a straightforward fact that the blockhain technology and cryptocurrencies could be of great use and magnitude to companies and enterprise, be it small or large scale enterprises. The blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can be manipulated as it is being wanted, depending on the user, be it for private or public aims, which most often turn out to be for public reasons to the benefit of all in the society. Some companies that know the existence of the blockchain technology make good use of it to the fullest abilities and capacities. It will be profitable all companies globally also know the existence of the blockchain technology.

Many try to know and understand how the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies could do for someone’s business. It is good and perfect question that deserves and merits a perfect and awesome response. The blockchain technology assist wherever you have many participants, whether the participants are devices, organizations, companies, enterprises, institutions or human beings as it permits to exchange data in a trustless environment and society. As said by the director of the ecosystem at Hyperledger, Parta Piekarska-Gaeter, the blockchain technology permits to build a trusted network and environment. Charley Cooper, managing director of R3 added by stating, the blockchain consensus yields efficiency and cost-savings.

Getting further, the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies enable companies or societies or institutions to create cryptocurrencies to permit them to raise funds and thus create a store of value, which is necessary and important for the upbringing of the business and enterprise.  This will also enable institutions and businesses to provide the security of their data and transactions records as it will bring a facilitation in all of their transactions.

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