The need for Money in relation to crypto currency

by Verdzekov Bernard

What the weakening dollar means for the global economy | Mohamed El-Erian |  The Guardian

The option money has giving most people is so high and very demanding, which has caused so many people to do what they don’t like and I think one of those things is bitcoin. Examples cars, houses, jewelries. 

When we look at the life style of the 21st century as compared to the past centuries, you will rather realize that, the expectancy is very high. There are a lot of beautiful places around the world which can’t visit if you don’t have money. This is both natural and man-made. A very glaring example is Dubai. Dubai was a desert, with very few people living there, but today, it is one of the most visited places on earth. I haven’t been to Dubai yet and I will love to get there too. There are many other touristic sites which are very beautiful but demands a lot financially. 

We could also look at things like jewelries, cars, cloths and shoes, and even home/house. These are things that humans need often. Particularly cloths and shoes. Cloths and shoes designers have made this thing very expensive, so much so that to afford just a pair of original shoes, you need a lot of money. Unlike in the past, it was far better. The blur competition that goes on between humans have made others suffer. Shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Yeezys, have been made very expensive. Some people will say there are more affordable once or Chines which you could easily afford, but who won’t want to put on the best too. 

There are stronger and safer cars that have been designed and produced but their cost is so high, making just the rich to afford it. for you to afford such a car, you need to be reach. That is the truth and it is facts. Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, Tesla. There are many others. There are older cars that are affordable which were designed by this same companies. But the question now is, who doesn’t want to drive the latest? Facts. This has caused a lot of people to venture in things they don’t want, like cultism and crypto. 

With crypto currency, you could sell or buy to make more money. You could as well trade coins and make a lot of money. With the positive experience most people have had, and the lifestyle they have adopted, says it all. CRYPTO IS GOOD. But is that true? Are they just lucky? Because apart from experts monitoring and making sure investors don’t lost their money you will also need luck. 

This I can say; many people have been influenced to join the crypto because of all this. Will you want to go to school, earn a degree and work for another person who doesn’t or who will not even pay you well? Or will you love to work so hard which doesn’t even guarantee you that you will be able to meet up with the lifestyle of those trading coins on the crypto market? All of this questions people ask their self-have made many join the crypto world knowing nothing about it and those who even know, they where still influenced. When they fail, they start pointing finger at other people but that won’t bring back their money. It is gone. The question about those who go into it and succeed after being influenced, what I will say is that, those that didn’t know anything about it, but that are making money now, are lucky or must have studied hard to know it so as to avoid losing. This is because the chances of you venturing into crypto currency not knowing anything, but relying on those who have succeeded to succeed, are very slim. 

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