Stories around the world confirming the sure value of the blockchain technology

By Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy. [email protected]

Editor note: Title has been slightly updated

The world is in agony and it is obvious that they are smaller nations suffering the more from these crisis or agony with no or less solutions for these countries. As such, these countries are currently suffering from problems there are not the origins of. With this type of global system that favors the rich more and disfavor the poor more, there was actually a need to stop these forms of discrimination, favoritism that is hindering the smooth functioning of global affairs and national affairs. Countries facing unique and specific problems have decided to lay out plans in order to stop these discrimination from hindering their national growth, per se economic and social growths.

Countries have developed various and different strategies to cut off all these plagues making life very difficult for its citizens. As such there are many and dozens of similar or same conditions and situations all over the world in search of a miracle to their situation. A good example illustrating this are places like the ASEAN region that is starting now have and receive different alternatives through the blockchain technology for the unbaked population in the various places.

A good illustration portraying and evident solution to a story the world and its inhabitants are trying to put into place as it is already the case with some countries, companies, organizations and financial institutions are the uses of smart organizations in each and every frameworks. Using a smart organization is a perfect and good example. Smart organizations are a form of a specific concept that would be made possible through the use of smart contracts that is built on the top of the use of blockchains. In itself, a smart contract is a self-executing program which are event triggered. An illustration of the use of a smart contract is a service and pay go that is the delivery of a good issuing an automatic payment at the instant the good is being delivered in a set-up of a smart contract. This technique is excellent and perfect for countries, companies or institutions having an organizational problem. With the use of smart contract, it could be expanded to a situation where entire countries or companies or organizations are being run and administered on the blockchain technology whether there are commercial or political ones.

The use of smart organizations through smart contracts is one of the perfect ways that the blockchain technology could be widespreaded prompting a complete adoption of the blockchain technology as it will be relevant for developing countries like the Bangladesh thereby increasing and opening new market opportunities across the economy since organizations will move from simple organizations to smart organizations rendering it stronger and better.

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