The blockchain technology and global affairs like inequality hampering the development and smooth running of global issues

By Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

The world has not seen a stop in a hindrance disturbing the global peace. Many global organizations have been created in order to face fiercely the difficulties the human race struggles against, day in, day out. The various created global organizations have done their parts and they continue to do it in a rather significant manner. In face of this, there is always a constant need of search of solutions which often when seen, they are shortsighted, they are never of a long term in helping humanity find their way back to solution and enjoy a peaceful society. As a result to this, the world created organizations such as the World Monetary fund which is there to regulate and make things smoother among nations. Though, it has lived to expectations in some areas, in others, it has not fulfilled the promises of an equal society and world in terms of fund, leaving others happy and the majority really sad of not having the same opportunities and rights like others. This fierce inequality is visible among the rich and the poor, the developed nations and the developing nations.

What is good about the blockchain technology is that it does not belong to any country or entity avoiding the manipulation of how they want at the detriment of others. Has the world finally seen a way to bridge and destroy all these inequalities? It is left to each and every one to bring out a subjective answer which will align into the fact the world financial situation will look pretty well if all nations get into the usage of the blockchain technology. It is the gateway to all the suffering of those that cry of an unjust society in terms of financial issues. The reality of things is that, the world’s finances are sick at the moment, and it needs an absolute solution which the blockchain technology is bringing as a solution. Countries that are coming from the Soviet union are the ones that have suffered so much from this discriminations, as they are now post-soviet countries have their economies relay crimpled and as such, countries like Estonia are trying to increase their economy by any means that is possible to their rich and one of the ways is by adopting the blockchain technology so as to gain full economic independence as it seems not to be the case already for these countries that had belonged to the soviet union. By doing this through the blockchain technology and subsequently creating their own digital currencies, they will avoid any form of control that the Russian authorities are trying to have on them. It is easy and good to say that the blockchain technology is the answer of the unheard in this unjust financial world.

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